Fast Five Review : The Best Sequel in the Franchise

Fast Five Review. Fast & Furious is one of the film franchises that has successfully spawned many sequels and spin-offs. By relying on the themes of street racing and family values, this one film series has succeeded in attracting many fans from all over the world.

Well, one of the series that considered the best from this franchise is Fast & Furious V, better known as Fast Five. Even on Rotten Tomatoes, Fast Five is the second-highest-rated film after Fast and Furious. Only under Fast and Furious 7.

What makes this sequel worthy of being the best? Check out the discussion below!

fast five review

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1. The heist theme is well executed in this film.

Justin Lin’s move to make robbery the main theme proved to be very effective in boosting the popularity of this franchise. Fast Five seems to really stand alone. Unlike previous series, whose main focus was car racing, or the series after, which instead contained fights with terrorists, this sequel focuses on a much more realistic goal: robbery!

Not only lifting, this film also manages to execute this theme well. Dom and his friends didn’t just barge into the police headquarters. They also have to go through important stages, such as infiltrating the headquarters to find out the model of the safe and taking Reyes’ handprint.

2. Five Fast Review : An exciting triangular conflict

Not only do they have to deal with the main antagonist, but the Toretto group also has an additional new antagonist. Who else if not agent Hobbs, who ended up being a permanent ally of Dom’s group in the next sequel? What makes this conflict so exciting is that each side actually has some kind of negative relationship with the other two parties.

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Dom’s group must get to Reyes’ safe while breaking free from the agent’s pursuit. Hobbs has business catching Dom and his accomplice and getting revenge on Reyes, who killed members of his team. Meanwhile, Reyes himself wanted to kill everyone, it the Dom or Hobbs groups, who were considered to interfering with his business and power. Everything is a race against time to achieve their respective goals.

fast five review

3. There are many moral values that can learned.

Not only offering exciting themes and conflicts, Fast Five also has many moral values that can emulated.  Despite the thick culture of the nightlife and the content of criminal acts, this film teaches about family values and reciprocity. One example is how Hobbs finally returned the favor to Toretto’s group after being saved from an attack by Reyes’ men by giving his fugitives the opportunity to escape.

Likewise with Dom. The way he said Vince his brother while holding back tears and telling Brian to run away because he would be the father of Dom’s nephew showed how much he loved all the members of the group and his relatives.

4. All characters have the right portion and are also important for the development of the story.

What distinguishes this series from the others that there are no characters who wasted or just appear as patches. The point is that Fast Five has succeeded in providing all the ideal portions for each character, including even the side ones. Even the moments given are mostly memorable.

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One of my favorites is, of course, the hilarious duo consisting of Rico Santos and Tego Leo. They have their own moments, such as the two bickering in Portuguese, which provokes laughter from Toretto’s group, and the operation to blow up the toilet, of course.

fast five review

5. Five Fast Review : Many unforgettable moments

You could say this Fast Five’s biggest advantage compared to other series, so the film rating managed to stick tightly under Furious 7. Even on several sites, Fast Five always considered number one. Many unforgettable moments have a deep meaning. An example of this is during the operation to infiltrate the safe room, the first fight between Dom and Hobbs, and, of course, Han’s attempt to get Reyes’ signature with the help of Giselle.

However, the moment that is truly memorable and often used as material for memes is, of course, Dom’s “This is Brazil” when Hobbs is about to arrest him. Those are five reasons why Fast Five deserves to considered the best sequel to the Fast and Furious franchise.