Desierto Film Synopsis, Illegal Immigrant Runs from Cruel Shooters – Desierto Film Synopsis. Desierto is a 2015 film that carries the genre of drama, action and adventure which is quite tense. This film directed by Jonas Cuarson tells the story of a group of Mexican immigrants trying to cross the Mexico-US border.

When it was officially released, Desierto managed to receive appreciation. This film was even selected as a selection entry for the 89th Oscar event. What is the synopsis for Desierto’s film? Let’s read here!

Desierto Film Synopsis

The Early Journeys of Mexican Immigrants

The film opens with a group of illegal Hispanic immigrants sitting in the back seat of a truck somewhere in Mexico. They were driving towards the United States (US) border when the truck broke down. The driver gets out of the truck, opens the hood and looks at the engine. They don’t seem to know what’s wrong with the engine.

They went to the back of the truck to talk to the immigrants. And they asked if any of them were mechanics. Then, a man, Moises (Gael Garcia Bernal) says he and he gets out of the back of the truck.

Desierto Film Synopsis

He walked to the front of the truck to take a look at the engine, but he couldn’t fix it. So the drivers told all the immigrants to get out of the truck. They continued to do so. The driver directs the immigrants to America. They were walking across the desert towards America.

The immigrants trekked through the hilly wilderness and made several stops to rest. They have also crossed the Mexico-US border.

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Five people lagged behind the other immigrant groups, including Moses and Mechas (Diego CataƱo) who chose to wait for three people with difficulty walking.

Thrilling action shooting happens

Meanwhile, a hunter named Sam (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is driving along the road with his dog, Tracker. They stopped, and Sam went rabbit hunting. He was able to shoot the rabbits dead with his sniper rifle.

Sam then found a piece of cloth and told his dog to track down who owned the cloth. Sam’s eyes fell on a group of Mexican immigrants walking in an open area.

Desierto Film Synopsis

Mechas saw Sam and ordered the four men behind him to hide behind a rock. After that, the fatal shot killed the Mexican immigrant who was at the forefront.

The shots were inevitable. The five immigrants who were left behind looked frightened by Sam’s brutal action, which killed their entire herd. If they are to make it safely to their destination, Moses, Mechas, and three other immigrants must work together to get past Sam and his loyal dog.

Desierto’s film depicts the struggles and fears faced by immigrants who try to find a better life in a neighboring country.