Synopsis Film Cold Pursuit, Father’s Revenge for Son’s Death – Synopsis Film Cold Pursuit. Cold Pursuit is a film starring Liam Neeson which was released in 2019. This film is a remake of the Norwegian film ‘Order of Disappearance’.

This film tells about the revenge of a snowplow driver for the death of his son who was killed by a dangerous group. Intrigued by the synopsis? Let’s take a peek at the following synopsis of the film Cold Pursuit.

synopsis film cold pursuit

Synopsis Cold Pursuit

Cold Pursuit tells the story of a snowplow driver named Nels Coxman (Liam Neeson) who works at the luxury resort of Kehoe, Colorado.

However, the small Nels family suddenly changed after the death of their son, Kyle, due to an overdose of illegal drugs.

synopsis film cold pursuit

Kylie’s death left a lot of strange things to Nels’s suspicions. The reason is, he really knows that Kylie is not an addict.

Since then, he began to find out what the real cause of his son’s death was. Until finally he knew that his son died because he was killed by a group of drug dealers from Denver.

Sad, angry to the point of frustration, Nels then began to feel vengeful. He also seeks to avenge the death of his son.

Not acting carelessly, Nels prepared a plan in such a way as to kill the members of the drug lord involved.

synopsis film cold pursuit

Create Group War

However, the act of revenge is not easy. This is because Trevor Calcote, aka Viking (Tom Bateman), is aware of Nels’ movements. Viking is the boss of the drug kingpin.

The Vikings were angry with Nels’ revenge which left many of his subordinates dead. However, the Vikings thought wrong. He thought that the killing of his men was the work of his nemesis, White Bull (Tok Jackson). Thanks to Nels’ revenge, the two dangerous groups end up at war.

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Cold Pursuit is an action thriller film with a rating of 6.2/10 from IMDb. For those of you who like genres like this, make sure the film Cold Pursuit is on your watch list, OK?