Donnie Brasco Movie Synopsis and Review

Donnie Brasco Movie Synopsis – A film based on a true story related to the existence of the mafia in the United States. An agent named Joseph D Pistone disguised himself and tried to mingle with the Bonanno family, which is a group of mafia in the US. Pistone, in carrying out his duties, disguised himself using the name Donnie Brasco. It shown throughout the film that the undercover action did not go as smoothly as expected and there were several conflicts or obstacles in Pistone’s disguise as a subordinate in the mafia group.

Lefty Tries to Approach Donnie

At the beginning, it said that Benjamin or Lefty, a character played by Al Pacino, attracted to Donnie when he saw him sitting at a bar. Finally, Lefty tried to approach Donnie by bringing a diamond for him to check. Donnie also said  that the diamond was fake even though Lefty repeatedly pressed that the diamond was real. Finally, Lefty invites Donnie to meet the person who gave him the diamond.

Finally, after talking to the person who gave him the diamond, Donnie immediately beat the person. This is the moment that makes Lefty believe in Donnie and invites him to join the mafia.

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Donnie Brasco Movie Synopsis: The rules of being a Mafia

Lefty teaches Donnie several things about the rules of being a mafia. An example is how they dress and look, apart from that there are several sentences or words whose meanings Lefty taught Donnie. This entire film focuses on the relationship between Lefty and Donnie, how they face problems and problems.

In the end, Donnie gained the trust of the boss or leader of the mafia. This made Lefty a little sad but in the end he accepted it.

Undercover Mission Successful

During his time as a mafia, Donnie always provided reports to the FBI in the form of recordings of events that occurred that day. The relationship between Lefty and Donnie can said to be like that of a father and son. However, this failed because the FBI had to arrest both of them, at that time it could seen that Lefty really cared about Donnie. In the end, Donnie’s undercover mission could said to be successful because he managed to catch several mafia.

The thing that makes the chemistry between Donnie and Lefty emerge is the extraordinary acting of the two actors, namely Johnny Depp and Al Pacino. Johnny Depp plays Donnie very well, the development of Donnie’s character can seen clearly. Also the difference between Donnie when he had just joined and when he had joined the mafia for a long time was very clear because of Johnny Depp’s acting.

Meanwhile, Al Pacino can make Lefty’s character full of sympathy which can be seen from his facial expressions or actions. There is a scene when Lefty sits on the ship, there we can see and even sympathize with Lefty’s figure. The conclusion that can be given is that this film can or can be said to be good because it has an interesting story and has 2 actors who are extraordinary in playing their roles in a film.

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