Synopsis and Review Gen Y The Series (Thai Drama 2020)

Thelongestfilm – About Synopsis: Gen Y The series is the latest Thai BL drama with the romance, comedy, and school genres.

Starring a line of handsome Thai actors, this drama features Varodom Khemmonta, Panuwat Kerdthongtavee, Suradet Piniwat, Thanapon Aiemkumchai, and many more. Varodom Khemmonta previously played in the drama series So Wayree. The Thai drama Gen Y The Series was worked on by director Sathanaphong Limwongthong.

Some of the actors who played in this Lakorn series and director Sathanaphong had previously worked together in the BL series “Hotel Stars: The Series” in 2019.

Synopsis Drama Gen Y The Series

Gen Y The Series (Thai Drama 2020)

Mark (Kim Varodom Khemmonta) and Wayu (Bas Suradej Pinnirat) have been friends for a long time. They became freshmen at the same school and majored in engineering and science. Wayu is the son of a rich man, and he is the older brother of Saeb (Kad Ploysupa). WaYu is the lover of Phai (Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai), Kit’s senior and best friend (Kim Varodom Khemmonta).

Kit a medical student who is known to be difficult to approach. Mark, who is his junior, is curious, especially since he has a beautiful face this year. One day, Mark finally decides to approach Kit. However, Kit is the type of person who is hard to come by and looks apathetic when he sees Mark.

Dr. Kit wasn’t the least bit interested in him. But Mark just wanted to chase him even more. Mark confidently asks Kit to be his girlfriend, but Kit ignores him. Even though Dia kept avoiding Kit, she was always waiting for her.

Gen Y The Series (Thai Drama 2020)

Until one day, Yu’s younger brother, named Saeb, was curious about the relationship between his brothers, Wayu and Pha. He wanted to ask about their relationship, but Wayu instead told his younger brother to find out about someone named Kit, Mark’s girlfriend.

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During the last few days of exams, Kit tries to avoid Mark. But at that time, Mark wanted to invite him to eat. Suddenly, Saeb came and immediately asked Mark who his girlfriend Kit really was. Mark immediately pointed at Kit, but Kit loudly said that she was not his girlfriend. Kit attempts to leave, but Saeb manages to come up with an excuse for the three of them to eat together.

At the restaurant, Saeb again manages to play a game that brings Mark and Kit closer together. They even pressed their cheeks together, much to Mark’s delight, and thanked Sab. Mark called Yu and told him the good news, but at the same time, Wahyu was crying sadly because he had just been dumped by Pha.

Gen Y The Series (Thai Drama 2020)

He immediately came to Wayu and tried to win his heart. Mark, who doesn’t like his best friend, made to cry and goes to Phai’s faculty and meets him. Kit offers to help him. In the process, an incident actually makes Kit angry with Mark. Since then, he has ignored her and won’t talk to her.

Mark felt sad and didn’t know what to do. Until the opportunity came, they went home together in Doctor Kit’s car. On the way, Mark tries to apologize, and Kit suddenly pulls over his car and kisses Mark. Mark and Kit’s relationship is finally starting to get serious; how will their next love story end?