The Good Dinosaur, Adventure-themed Animated Film

The Good Dinosaur is an animated adventure-themed film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. The film, directed by Peter Sohn, premiered on November 10, 2015, in Paris, France. The film begins with a scene of an asteroid rain that hit the earth 65 million years ago. In scientific studies, we all know that the asteroid rain caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

However, that is not the case in this film. A pair of dinosaurs, Henry and Ida, survived millions of years later. They work as farmers and are now happily waiting for three eggs to burst. The eggs contained none other than their children.

the good dinosaur

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Beginning of the story

That said, after hatching, the children of the dinosaur pair were named Libby, Buck, and Arlo. Of the three, Arlo is the weakest. He is the youngest child, aka the youngest, and is often bullied by his two older siblings.

The main plot of this film tells about the adventures of Arlo, the coward, and a brave human boy named Spot. Both of them are as adventurous and passionate as they are impressive. As responsible and caring parents, Henry and Ida divided the tasks among each family member. Arlo’s cowardly nature seems to make it difficult for him to do the tasks his parents give him.

the good dinosaur

One day, on his way home, Arlo catches Spot again. He chased the human boy far from home. When he caught up, the human boy accidentally hit Arlo until he fainted. The little dinosaur suddenly woke up in a place that was completely foreign to him. Arlo is lost. Long story short, Spot intends to help Arlo find his home again. Event after incident they went through together, starting from eating fruit that made them shiver, walking along a cliff edged by a cliff, to meeting the evil Thunderclap who wanted to eat them.

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Chased by flash floods

In addition, the two of them were also chased by a flash flood that almost killed Spot. Another exciting adventure also comes when they meet a group of dinosaurs who ask for help as bait in order to save their livestock from the cruel Thunderclap. Towards the last minute, Spot runs into his family on the way. Arlo and Spot then go their separate ways. The youngest dinosaur walked alone and arrived home with an experience that made him understand his own strengths.

the good dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur features character voiceovers dubbed by Raymond Ochoa, Jack Bright, Sam Elliott, Anna Paquin, A.J. Buckley, Steve Zahn, Jeffrey Wright, and Frances McDormand. This realistic-style film received positive reviews from critics and won many awards. Some of the awards received include the winner of Outstanding Achievement in Animated Effects in the Animated Production category at the 2016 Annie Awards, as well as Outstanding Visual Effects in the Animated Feature category and Outstanding Effects Simulations in the Animated Feature category at the 2016 Visual Effects Society Awards.