Review and Synopsis The Tank Movie 2023

The Tank Movie 2023 – The Tank set in 1978, and we meet Ben (Matt Whelan, American Playboy, Under the Vines, The Hugh Hefner Story), who recently received news of his mother’s death. He also learned that his father had apparently left some property on the coast around Hobbit Bay in Oregon, which no one ever knew about. He also just found out that, contrary to the predictions about killed in a car accident, his father and younger sister seemed to have drowned in the Bay Area.

The Tank Movie 2023

Of course, we can conclude that something like this is likely to end badly. Yes, Ben packed up and told his wife Jules (Luciane Buchanan) and their daughter Reia (Zara Nausbaum) to hurry up and head off to check the truth.

Here, director Scott Walker (also working on The Frozen Ground) really gives the audience a view of the appearance of a house that really looks like it has abandoned for at least a dozen years. Ruined, weathered, and crammed with vines that thrive outside the house, it is damp and dusty. a suffering house behind a beautiful beach. The house also has a water storage facility similar to the poster.

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The Tank Movie 2023: Maximum setting

It won’t be long before there are surprises, though, as Walker takes The Tank to its true core. An article in the newspaper about a death, about a missing person, a strange noise in the night, Jules has nightmares, and Ben’s hand hurts doing something in the water tank, sending blood splashing into the water. What’s even worse is that he found some kind of larva there.

The Tank Movie 2023

All of these conditions were well laid out, and Walker and draftsman Aaron Morton made the situation of the house completely according to the scenario, including the water tank and a cave located behind the tank. The film’s atmosphere slowly heated up.

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Walker also manages to keep things interesting despite the film’s small cast. After the lawyers leave in the opening minutes, until Merial (Ascia Maybury, Spies and Lies, Bombshell), a realtor sent by the lawyers arrives in about forty-five minutes, it’s mostly a two-character film with the occasional presence of Reia or flashbacks to augment variation.

Anyway, reportedly, even though it set in Oregon, the filming of The Tank done in New Zealand with special effects using WETA, which he said better than using CGI.

The Tank Movie 2023

Synopsis of The Tank Movie 2023:

Ben and his family become heirs to an abandoned property by the beach, which causes him to also accidentally release an ancient creature that has long been dormant in that place and has returned to terrorize, including its predecessors of several generations.

Movie Title: The Tanks
Release date: April 25, 2023 (United States)
Country of origin: New Zealand
Language: English
Genre: horror, thriller
Cast: Luciane Buchanan, Matt Whelan, Mark Mitchinson, Jaya Beach-Robertson, Ascia Maybury, and Holly Shervey