Kidnapping Movies Based on True Stories Recommendation

Kidnapping Movies Based on True Stories – Kidnapping is something that often happens around us. Since childhood, the concept of kidnapping is introduced to us as a precaution so that this doesn’t happen to us. Several kidnappings have occurred and caused a stir throughout the world. To the point that it was made into a film based on a true story.

This film is told as being as horrific as the kidnapping incident that occurred. Dare to watch, gang? Here are 5 kidnapping-themed films that are based on true stories. A series of kidnapping films based on true stories. We all never expect kidnapping to happen to us. Most of the kidnapping stories that we hear are very scary and like nightmares.

Several horrific true stories of kidnapping were made into movies that can be a lesson for all of us to be more careful wherever and whenever.

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1. I Am Elizabeth Smart

1. I Am Elizabeth Smart

As the title suggests, this film tells the story of the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart, who was kidnapped by a man who was once a handyman at her family’s house. The most terrifying part of this story is when Smart was forced to take part in a number of strange rituals, raped, fed drugs, starved and abused. However, Smart was finally found by the authorities and the man who kidnapped him was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

This film also includes narration from the real Elizabeth Smart to remind the audience that the events in this film are real and the making of this film is accurate to the original story. The film was so terrible, Elizabeth admitted that she had watched the film once. But he couldn’t and didn’t want to watch the film again because it was too accurate.

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2. The Most Hated Woman in America

2. The Most Hated Woman in America

One of these Netflix films tells the story of the kidnapping of Madalyn Murray O’Hair and her son and granddaughter. O’Hair is known as a woman who campaigned to ban group prayer in schools because she was an atheist. His campaign led the US Supreme Court to rule that mandatory group prayer in schools was illegal. O’Hair immediately became one of the most hated people in the US.

Until finally one of his colleagues who had a grudge against him kidnapped him so that he would pay for the losses he suffered while helping O’Hair. O’Hair refused and in the end the kidnapper brutally murdered him, his son and his granddaughter. The three kidnappers were finally caught and received prison sentences. One of the O’Hair children who converted to Christianity is said to have fought for collective prayer at school again.

3. Girl in the Bunker

Kidnapping Movies Based on True Stories

This 2018 film is based on the true story of the kidnapping of Elizabeth Shoaf. Shoaf was kidnapped by a man pretending to be a police officer. At that time the police admitted that they were going to arrest him because Shoaf had marijuana. But instead of taking him to the police station, the man took him to his basement.

In the basement, Shoaf was held captive and used to satisfy the man’s sexual desires every day. Luckily, this terrible kidnapping only lasted 10 days. Shoaf managed to find a way to trick his kidnapper and asked for help from other people.

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4. Alpha Dog

Kidnapping Movies Based on True Stories

Alpha Dog stars famous actors such as Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Justin Timberlake, and Amanda Seyfried. This film is based on the true story of Nicholas Markowitz who was kidnapped and brutally murdered in 2000.

Even though all the characters in the film have had their names changed and the storyline made more dramatic, it still doesn’t let go of the core of the story where a 15 year old child is kidnapped and murdered because of alleged drug money. The kidnapper and murderer in the story has been captured and sentenced to death without the possibility of parole.

5. Abducted: The Carlina White Story

Kidnapping Movies Based on True Stories

The story of the mysterious kidnapping of Carlina Renae White was made into a film in 2012. Different from previous films, the story of White’s kidnapping began when she was still a baby. White was born at Harlem Hospital Center in New York. At that time, a woman disguised herself as a nurse there for three weeks until she finally kidnapped White from her parents.

White himself began to suspect this when his mother couldn’t show him the birth certificate. When he was 20 years old, he finally exposed his mother’s lies. He then began to find out about his biological parents. White’s case is the longest case ever involving the reunion of a child with his biological parents.