9 Movies About Writters and Its Main Character

Thelongestfilm.com – Movies about Writters. Knowing the figure of a writer does not have to be through the works they write. You can also get to know their figures through films and the works they write. You can also get to know their figures through film. There are a number of movies that use the figure of a writters as the theme and main character.

Some of them we will recommend in this article. Without further ado, just take a look at the recommendations below.

1. The Happy Prince (2018)

The first film we recommend is The Happy Prince. This film is adapted from one of Oscar Wilde’s works entitled The Happy Prince and Other Tales. The work is said to be the work of Wilde, which he would later read to his children.

Oscar Wilde is a legendary writer from Ireland who has spawned many works. His works were quite influential in Ireland and on British soil. In fact, Morrissey even made Wilde his inspiration for writing song lyrics.

2. The End of the Tour (2015)

The End of the Tour, which was released in 2015, is a film that tells the story of David Foster Wallace. The legendary writer from America who has spawned a number of fiction and non-fiction works. In this film, the figure of the writer, who was born on February 21, 1962, was played beautifully by Jasen Seagel.

At the beginning of the film, you would think that David Foster Wallace is a ferocious writer. This cannot be separated from his appearance, which resembles that of a member of a motorcycle gang. However, as the film is ending, you will find the softer side of the American writer.

3. Sylvia (2003)

Sylvia is a film that tells the story of the legendary female writer, Sylvia Palth. Sylvia Palth is a British-born female writer who is famous for a number of her poems. The figure of this poet is played well by Gwyneth Paltrow.

The film Sylvia tells the life story of Sylvia Palth and Ted Hughes, played by Daniel Craig. Ted Hughes is a famous British writer who is also the husband of Sylvia. This film not only tells about her relationship with her husband but also about the tragic death of Sylvia in 1963 due to suicide.

4. The Raven (2012)

Edgar Allan Poe is a legendary poet from the United States. One of his books, entitled The Raven, made into a film with the same title. The film, which released in 2012, starred John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe.

Overall, this film by James McTeigue tells the story of a poet who becomes a serial killer. The writer said to have been inspired by the book The Raven by Allan Poe. This film also ends with the mysterious death of Allan Poe.

5. Following (1998)

This is Christopher Nolan film debut; he is the director of The Dark Night. Unlike films about other authors, this film is not based on a true story or the work of an author. This film is really a fictional work by Nolan.

Following itself, it tells the story of an eccentric writer named Bill. The writer, played by Jeremy Theobald, is always looking for inspiration to write by following strangers. His eccentric habits will one day bring him together with an eccentric thief who will later become Bill’s right-hand man.

6. 2046 (2004)

2046 a film about a writer that worked on by a director from Hong Kong, Wong Kar Wai. This film said to be a continuation of Days of Being Wild and In the Mood for Love. The number 2046 in this film has quite a variety of meanings.

2046 is the hotel room number of several characters in this film. 2046 is also the year that Chow Mo-wan (the main character in this film) uses to set the time for his fictional work. 2046 chosen by Mo-wan because that year considered a year that often used as a destination for time travelers.

7. Eungyo (A Muse) (2012)

Besides 2046, there one film about another writer that worked on by a director from the Asian continent. Eungyo is the film we mean. The film, which has another name, A Muse, a film adapted from Park Bum-shin novel of the same title.

This film tells the story of a 70-year-old man who has a 30-year-old assistant. Both are described as two famous writers at that time. The lives of these two writers have undergone drastic changes since the presence of a 17-year-old student in their lives.

The presentation of an interesting story has helped this film produced in South Korea win a number of awards. Both from their home country and from America. Some of the awards include Best Film at the Bull Film Awards (2012), Best New Actress at the 2012 Busan Film Critic Awards, and the Rising Star Asia Award at the New York Asian Film Festival (2013).

8. Factotum (2005)

Factotum, which released in 2005, tells the story of Hank Chinaski’s life. Chinaski is the alter ego of the legendary American writer, Charles Bukowski. In this film, Chinaski, played by Matt Dillon, described as a sloppy and eccentric character.

This film begins with the story of Chinaski, who is homeless and looking for work in Los Angeles. He is willing to do any job, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his writing activities, which he has been doing for a long time. This Bent Hamer film also depicts some of Chinaski’s bad habits. Such as gambling, drinking, and dating a number of women.

9. Midnight in Paris (2011)

During World War I, the city of Paris gave birth to a generation that was quite influential in the movement of the city. This generation, which called the lost generation, consists of reliable writers and artists. Such as Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, and Scott Fitzgerald.

The story of this generation lifted by Woody Allen through the film Midnight in Paris. Many actors and actresses involved in this film. Such as Corey Stoll, who plays Ernest Hemingway, and Tom Hiddleston, who plays Scott Fitzgerald nicely.

Those are some movies about writters that we recommend for you. Hopefully the films above can make you more familiar with what a writer is like. Whether it’s from the positive side or vice versa, enjoy watching!

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