Synopsis & Cast Legion Movie, Angels who Defied God

Synopsis and Cast Legion Movie. When God told to have lost faith in mankind, he orders the angels to cleanse the human race on earth. But what happens when an angel doesn’t want to carry out that order because he still believes and has hope in humans?

This quite unique premise becomes the synopsis in a film called Legion. Then, what is the next story like?

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Synopsis Legion Movie

The Legion film opens with a scene in which a creature that looks like an angel descends to earth and cuts off its wings. The angel named Michael then took all the weapons and intended to run away. The people around him then began to possessed by other angels and were about to catch Michael.

The scene switches to a restaurant in the middle of a desert in the middle of nowhere called Paradise Falls. The restaurant is owned by a middle-aged man named Bob, who lives with his son Jeep and a serving girl named Charlie, who heavily pregnant.

That afternoon, a family consisting of Howard, Sandra, and Audrey were at a restaurant while waiting for their car to break down. A man named Kyle then came and joined the restaurant because he wanted to borrow the phone. Weirdness after weirdness ensued.

Television, radio, and telephone signals suddenly disappeared, and after that, an elderly grandmother appeared, ordering steaks at a restaurant. However, it seems that he has been possessed by an angel to attack people in the restaurant and climb the walls.

Synopsis Legion Movie : Howard seriously injured

The grandmother made Howard seriously injured, but he successfully shot by Kyle. After the incident, Michael suddenly appeared and gave them a weapon and asked them to prepared for the arrival of a creature like the grandmother. Not long after, the restaurant invaded by possessed humans who were about to attack them. Led by Michael, they managed to defuse the attack.

Michael then explained that he was an angel who disobeyed God’s command. He said that God had lost faith in humans and ordered angels to “cleanse” them, but Michael still believed and hoped in them.

Michael wants to protect the baby in Charlie’s womb so that it can be safe and one day be able to lead humans to a better future. Throughout the night and until the next day, they were constantly visited by possessed humans until one by one they were killed, but Michael still trying to protect Charlie.

Charlie finally has contractions and assisted in giving birth by Michael and Audrey. A baby boy was born. However, suddenly another angel, named Gabriel, came to them. Gabriel about to carry out God’s order that Charlie’s baby wasn’t meant to live. Michael then forces Charlie, Jeep, and the baby to leave while he fights Gabriel.

Synopsis Legion Movie : Gabriel managed to kill Michael.

Gabriel manages to kill Michael and goes back to chasing Charlie. Charlie and Jeep run into the hills until they almost caught and killed by Gabriel. When Gabriel was about to kill them and their baby, Michael suddenly came. Apparently, he was reborn as an angel because God believed in what he was doing.

Michael again involved in a fight with Gabriel. The superior Michael now has the opportunity to kill Gabriel, but he doesn’t because he thinks it will disappoint God. Gabriel and Michael finally returned to their world, while Charlie, Jeep, and the baby were finally able to survive and move on with their lives.

Anticlimax at the End of the Story

This 104-minute film provides an opening scene that is quite promising and feels so dramatic. With sound and cinematography that are so epic, the opening scene when Michael falls to earth will focus the audience’s attention in the first few minutes.

It also gives a sense of curiosity about the storyline that will happen next. Even though it has quite a unique idea, in fact, this tense storyline is only felt from the beginning to the middle of the film. From the middle to the end of the film, Legion actually feels like it only presents a story that looks flat and doesn’t end in the climax that the audience has been waiting for since the beginning of the story.

Judging from the heavy theme of the story with the angel character being the main character in this film, we as viewers might be looking forward to how the big battle will take place when the characters in this film say that they have reached the end of the world.

However, in fact, we will only witness long dialogues at a slow tempo towards the end of the story.

Messages and dialogues about life

As discussed in the previous point, this film presents quite a lot of dialogue that occurs between the characters, especially towards the end of the film. From the dialogues presented, we as spectators can take messages and reflections on many things, especially regarding life and what we have been experiencing in the world so far.

The issues regarding God and angels that raised in this film indeed touch on the issue of religion, albeit to a lesser extent. This might be quite sensitive for some circles, especially since this film gives a premise about God losing faith in humans.

But from this premise, we as spectators can also take away quite a lot of messages about life. We seem to reminded to reflect on all of our lives so far. Have we really benefited those around us, or are we actually just wasting the time given to us? Messages of this kind are often presented either implicitly or explicitly throughout the film.

Jumpscare and Gore Scenes

As a horror genre film, Legion also provides quite a lot of jump-scare elements that will surprise you throughout the story. The most astonishing jump-scare scene, of course, occurs at the beginning of the film, when an old grandmother suddenly attacks and bites people in the restaurant and climbs the wall.

After that, some jump-scare elements will presented quite often when people in the restaurant face attacks from possessed humans. This film contains numerous bloody scenes in addition to jump scares. So get ready to witness these surprises!

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