Recommendations for Animated Horror Films Like Monster House

Films Like Monster House – Halloween is synonymous with horror or scary things. Starting from wearing costumes of famous characters, to decorating the house with scary Halloween decorations. Apart from that, Halloween also usually used as a time for family gatherings to spend time chatting or watching horror films. Not only adults, children can also enjoy films with a horror touch.

But don’t worry, not all horror films packaged as scary and terrifying offerings for children. A number of horror films actually packaged with fun comedy spices so they safe to watch for all ages. Including a series of animated horror films that are suitable to watch to welcome the Halloween moment.

Haunted houses are something that often featured in horror films, and “Monster House” is no exception. This film tells the story of a child named DJ Walters (Mitchel Musso) who lives next door to an angry grandfather named Horace Nebbercracker (Steve Buscemi) who is always angry if children accidentally enter his yard without permission.

One day, after catching DJ in his yard picking up toys, Nebbercracker has a heart attack and taken to the hospital. After receiving a mysterious phone call from Nebbercracker’s empty house, a guilty DJ convinced that he haunted by his grandfather. However, when DJ and his friends investigate the house, they realize that Nebbercracker’s ramshackle house actually has a scary secret.

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Films like Monster House

1. Coraline

Films like Monster House

As the title suggests, “Coraline” tells the story of Coraline Jones (Dakota Fanning) moving to a new city with her parents. In fact, he didn’t like having to move to a new house and leave his friends behind. Moreover, his busy parents also paid little attention to him.

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One night, a small hidden door in the new house opens and takes her to an alternative world where everything seems perfect, and Coraline has a father and mother who love her very much. Coraline begins to hope that her home world can make her as happy as this mysterious world. However, this extraordinary world holds terrible dangers for Coraline.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Films like Monster House

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is one of the most well-known animated films. This stop-motion film tells the story of Jack Skellington (Chris Sarandon) who is a resident of Halloween Town. It said that he felt bored with the monotonous implementation of Halloween every year.

While walking in the forest, Jack accidentally finds the door to Christmas Town. Jack amazed by life in Christmas Town even though he doesn’t really understand the concept of celebrating Christmas. Jack, who confused and misguided, finally invited the townspeople to take over Christmas Town so they could try to make the Christmas celebration better. However, Jack’s actions ended in chaos.

3. Frankenweenie

Films like Monster House

“Frankenweenie” was the first feature-length black and white animated film ever made. Directed by famous director Tim Burton, “Frankenweenie” worked on with stop motion techniques. This film tells the story of a boy named Viktor Frankenstein (Charlie Tahan) who loses his beloved dog, Sparky, in an accident. Frankenstein then uses his intelligence to create a machine that can give life to his dog.

But when Sparky turns out to be alive again, Victor desperately tries to cover it up. When people slowly start to find out his secret and cause chaos, Victor must try to solve this problem before anyone becomes a victim.

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4. Corpse Bride

Films like Monster House

There a sad tragedy behind the film “Corpse Bride” which tells the story of Jewish women who were buried with their wedding dresses. However, the film itself is not as dark as the story that inspired it.

“Corpse Bridge” tells the story of Victor Van Dort (Johnny Depp) who is nervous about having to marry a noble girl named Victoria Everglot (Emily Watson). Victor was so nervous that he took a walk into the forest to memorize his wedding vows.

When he finds a rating stick sticking out of the ground, Victor uses it to practice wrapping his wedding ring. However, the twig turns out to be the finger of a girl named Emily (Helena Bonham Carter) who was murdered and buried in the forest. Victor unknowingly married Emily, who has now risen from the grave. But, he actually harbored feelings for Victoria. Victor also has to find a way to get out of the world of the dead and cancel his marriage to Emily.