Synopsis Film IT Follow, Juvenile Delinquency !

Synopsis Film IT Follow – IT FOLLOWS a film directed by David Robert Mitchell. This film, which is a horror genre and full of mystery stories, stars Maika Moroe, Cattlin Burt, Linda Boston, Heather Fairbanks, Daniel Zovatto, Olivia Lucardi, Keil Gilchrist, Lili Sepe, and Jake Weary. This horror film is a simple film but the feeling of horror very pronounced. Tells about the consequences of the mischief of a teenager named Jay and his friends. The story begins during autumn vacation when they are staying at a school and having an orgy. After that incident, they were haunted and followed by invisible creatures. Then what is their next story?

Synopsis Film IT Follow

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Synopsis of the film IT Follow

Jay Height (Maika Monroe) never thought that he was making love with danger, a love that would endanger his life. Jeff (Jake Weary), a handsome, charismatic man, is the one who captured Jay’s heart, but who would have thought that after having sex with him, Jay’s life would be in danger. Something unknown and scary follows Jay wherever he goes and becomes a terror wherever he is.

Jeff disappeared after he showed Jay that there would be a creature that would follow and terrorize him, Jeff tried to convince Jay, asking him to immediately have sex with someone, because the creature’s terror would only transfer if he gave it to someone else through sex, and tried not to killed by this creature. If Jay has done this, and the terror moves, then the chosen person must told to be able to survive and give it to other people before he killed, because if he dies, then the terror will return to Jay.

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Synopsis Film IT Follow

Invisible creatures

At first Paul (Keir Gilchrist), Kelly Height (Lili Sepe), and Greg Hannigan (Daniel Zovatto) didn’t believe in this creature, but after several times they found Jay hit by something invisible, plus Paul had felt something invisible threw him while trying to help Jay, then they believed in Jay and tried to find a way out of this terror. They have used various methods to stop this creature, even the creature was bleeding and helpless after Paul managed to shoot a gun right at its head, with the help of a white sheet that covered the creature’s transparent body. But unfortunately, this method only delayed it for a while, and the creature returned to terrorize Jay.

Greg, who is basically known as a womanizer, mistakenly had sex with Jay, but unfortunately he died at the hands of this creature before Jay could tell him. Finally Paul, who was Jay’s friend since childhood, who secretly loved Jay, had the courage to be the next person, with plans to give it to someone else, he chose prostitutes, but either Paul had given it to a prostitute or he was planning to give it to someone else. to Jay again, because they had become lovers.