Recommended Japanese Adult Movies No Censor, Only for 18+!

Japanese Adult Movies. The best Japanese adult films are very popular among adults no censorship. For the record, the best Japanese adult films for 2023 can only be watched by people who are appropriate, namely 21 years and over and of course married.

Watching the best Japanese adult movies in 2023 with your partner will certainly add to your excitement during moments with him alone.

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1. A Man’s Lifetime

A Man’s Lifetime, also known as Otoko no Isshou, is one of the most popular semi-Japanese films. This drama also stars well-known actors, namely Eikurana Nana and Toyokawa Etsushi. The film A Man’s Lifetime tells of a young woman who has a beautiful and elegant face named Tsumugi (Eikurana Nana).

He lived and grew up in the city with his parents. Because he was bored with the hustle and bustle of the city, he chose to move to his grandmother’s place.

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Interestingly, it was in that village that Tsumugi met a professor at a prestigious university who was 52 years old. Even though he is old, the professor named Jun (Toyokawa Etsushi) does not have a wife, aka single.

Interestingly, Tsumugi has a crush on the professor. Knowing that, Jun initially did not accept because the two of them were too far apart in terms of age. However, Jun’s heart begins to feel the turmoil of romance with Tsumugi.

2. Sexy Battle Girls

In 1986, director Mototsugu Watanabe worked on a film called Sexy Battle Girls. This film was also included as a semi-Japanese film that was successful in its time. Played by Yukijiro Hotaru, Ayumi Taguchi, Kyoko Hashimoto and Yutaka Ikejima, this film has been successfully watched by the audience to this day.

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Not only showing an adult side, this film also tells about the depraved actions of a school principal who sells his students to men who are mashers outside the school. Interestingly, this action is known by one of his students named Mirai (Kyoko Hashimoto).

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Mirai also tries to find out more about the principal’s motives. Mirai also tried to prove it as much as he could, as a result, Mirai’s father was summoned by the school for slandering and defaming the school’s reputation.

Because the headmaster had humiliated his father, Mirai vowed to take revenge on the headmaster and reveal his dark side to the public.

3. Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood is a semi-Japanese film adapted from the novel by Haruki Murakami. Which was finally adapted to the big screen by Tran Anh Hungh.

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This film tells the story of a lover who has a love story with feelings of indecision. Because Tore Watanabe (Kenichi Matsuyama) still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend and first love named Naoko.

As a result, his relationship with Midori (Rinko Kikuchi) did not go as expected. Tore is forced to face two choices, either stuck with his past or trying to get up and put his love for Midori with all his heart.

Apart from that, this film also managed to show its success by being nominated for an Oscar for the Best Foreign Film category.