Review and Cast Margaux Film 2022 : Dont Forget to Watch !

Review and Cast Margaux Film. The name of the intelligent AI that controls the smart home that serves as the main setting of the movie gives Margaux its name. Additionally, placing a computer in charge of your home never works out well, as shown in movies like Demon Seed and Dark Cloud. And this will be no exception, as evidenced by the prologue, which features Lochlyn Munro (Apex, Dead Voices) and Brittany Mitchell (Just One Kiss, Cradle Did Fall).

review cast margaux film

During the four years since they graduated from high school, a group of college friends, including Hannah (Madison Pettis, Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates, He’s All That), Lexi (Vanessa Morgan, My Babysitter’s a Vampire, Riverdale), Drew (Jedidiah Goodacre, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Recall), Kayla (Phoebe Miu. Broil, Die in a Gunfight

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Review and Cast Margaux Film

Before slowing the pace down to a crawl for introductions and numerous scenes of the cast wandering around the opulent house, director Steven C. Miller (Silent Night, Arsenal) and writers Chris Beyrooty (Shelter in Place), Chris Sivertson (Brawlers, All Cheerleaders Die), and Nick Waters (Little One) start Margaux off with a literal bang. Clich├ęs abound thus far. And it holds true for the new characters we meet. The computer wiz, the pair who frequently engages in sex while still wearing their underpants, the stoner, the social media influencer, and the jock are just a few examples. And we have Horror Casting 101 with Margaux portraying the killer (voiced by Susan Bennett, Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe, Songbird).

review cast margaux film

A robotic pool cleaner decided to mimic an octopus just as I was about to accept another monotonous thriller, and Margaux immediately begins unleashing a variety of fatalities that are both creative and unbelievable. A thinly veiled warning about technology, social media, data mining, and loss of privacy is thrown in among the kills. Margaux prepares the house for her visitors using information from their social media accounts, including how to get rid of them. The stoner’s cotton mouth leads to the murder of the eager pair in a bedroom that resembles an S&M dungeon. You see what I mean.

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Review Margaux Film

Hannah is the only one who doesn’t use social media and won’t download the house’s app, despite being a computer expert. Margaux now left with little more to go on than what she can deduce from the profiles of the others. It’s a little more extreme than trying to persuade you to vote for someone or buy junk you don’t need, but the similarities are there.

review cast margaux film

Fortunately, this isn’t overdone to the point where it interferes with the enjoyment. After a few deaths that recall Final Destination by way of Wishmaster and are accompanied by one-liners reminiscent of Freddy Krueger, the survivors launch a counterattack only to see the plot shift into Westworld territory. And they are only a few of the movies mentioned here; the Alien series is also included.

The end result is a movie that, although never very frightening, is a fun but light-hearted piece of entertainment and it knows it. Although Margaux isn’t a comedy, it also doesn’t take itself too seriously. If the robotic tentacles Margaux can conjure were genuinely frightening-looking, they would ruin the corny vibe, so the bad CGI becomes a benefit in this case.

You should also like it as long as you know not to take it too seriously. Margaux is a perfect example of cinematic junk food.