Review Film One Piece: Red (2022) – Review One Piece: Red. You must recall when the first One Piece: Red film was announced.Especially in the teaser section, Shanks’ face appears at the end. From there, it occurred to me that the next One Piece film would go into great detail about Shanks, who has so far remained a mystery.

It turns out, you have to lower those expectations when you want to watch One Piece: Red. In this film, Oda and his friends focus on Uta, who is said to be Shanks’ daughter. Then came Luffy, who was his childhood friend.

Presenting a new figure in the film is actually not a new formula. In One Piece: Stampede, Douglas Bullet suddenly appears as the main villain. However, what makes One Piece: Red different? Check out the reviews in this article.

review one piece: red

One Piece movie review:

1. Don’t watch it if you just hope for Shanks’ fierce fight.

As mentioned earlier, the appearance of the silhouette of Shanks’ face in the teaser made everyone eagerly await the release of One Piece: Red. Moreover, the title “Red” makes it even more convincing that this film will thoroughly discuss Shanks before the anime reaches that arc.

Honestly, before entering the studio, in Kincir’s head, there was only an idea of how epic Shanks would appear in this film. However, you will be taken late into the story first, namely about Uta, who became a star in Elegia’s “Island of Music.”

It should be noted that this article will not discuss whether Uta is Shanks’ child or not. But what is certain is that it will explain why Uta is so important in the film’s story. Remember, that is the film, and it will not be adapted into an anime.

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Review One Piece: Red

Uta is the “connector” for Luffy and Shanks to meet. In the anime, there are two episodes that talk about Luffy and Uta’s childhood before the film airs and are also included in the film. Yep, that’s how important Uta is in this film. Just being a bridge. If you look at the end of the story, it looks like Uta won’t appear again in the anime.

It must be admitted that Shanks and Luffy’s meeting was quite good. Even though they don’t speak directly, there is a bond that is felt between the two of them in the film.

When Shanks appeared, all the audience cheered as if to indicate that the character that had been waiting for the entire film had finally arrived. But the cheering didn’t last long, because there weren’t many scenes where Shanks appeared either. All of the Red-Haired Pirates are also shown there with their powers, but only in the final battle scene. The film’s final touches are particularly poignant.

True, this film does not discuss the story of Shanks and his crew in depth. There are only moments with Uta, and the contents are only when Uta or Luffy are reminiscing about the past. Even though, as promised at the start of the promotion, we will see Shanks’ journey as well as the display of his true strength.Apparently not.

review one piece: red

2. Hanging arc introduction

In the anime, Luffy and the Straw Hat crew have succeeded in fighting Kaido and Big Mom. That is, they will move on to the next enemy, and the closest is Shanks. This film, which is the introduction to the next arc, still feels like there are a lot of plot holes.

Perhaps Oda and the team really don’t want to be too explicit about Shanks. There are still many secrets that are not shown in the film in the hope that fans can reveal them in the anime.

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Still, Shanks’ scene is very minimal, and to be honest, towards the end of the film, KINCIR becomes indifferent about Uta’s existence, which is the main thread in One Piece: Red. You see, Luffy and his crew’s motivation to come to Elgia doesn’t feel strong. Until finally he was acting strange and everyone realized something was wrong.

Also, his enemy is an ancient demon named Tot Musica who was accidentally reborn. Duh, this accidental formula is completely unrelated to One Piece, which all makes complete sense. All of Luffy’s enemies are really bad people. At least, he has a strong motivation for why he became a villain.

Review One Piece: Red

This time, however, you will be shown a demon with hands shaped like a piano and the ability to transport the human soul into its own dimension through song.

The scene that is more or less connected with the later arc is Luffy and Shanks not saying goodbye to each other after defeating Tot Musica. It is implied there that there is rivalry between fellow pirates even though they already have ties.

From this scene finally emerged a sense of curiosity about what their second meeting would be like. You see, since becoming a pirate, Luffy has never met Shanks. In accordance with Luffy’s promise, he must get stronger and return Shanks’ straw hat when he feels it’s appropriate.

In essence, as a whole, this film does not create a particular sensation. The excitement ends when the duration of the film ends. Left no impression at all. If you say it’s good, it’s good, but it’s not as impressive as the previous One Piece films.

review one piece: red

3. There’s nothing wrong with the “musical” theme in One Piece: Red

Before watching the film One Piece: Red, Kincir had seen the reactions of foreigners who had already watched it. Many were disappointed because this film seemed to emphasize musical elements rather than action.

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Don’t be surprised, because this film is a celebration of 25 years of the One Piece series.  The celebration’s name, definitely pinned “event” singing and dancing like a party.So it feels right that there aren’t many epic battle scenes in this film and more Uta singing.

Although it must be admitted, according to KINCIR, the songs in this film are pleasant to hear and match the feel of the scene. For example, when Uta started to lose control, the song became upbeat with distortion that felt thick.

Things like this really cannot satisfy One Piece fans, who have been expecting a lot of fistfights. But you need to remember that in the manga or anime, Shanks has not been shown in detail. So, indeed, Shanks’ portion in this film is only spilled a little so that fans’ curiosity doesn’t run out when reading the manga or watching the anime.

Then, is One Piece: Red still worth watching? The answer is still yes. At least there are several things that can be enjoyed in this film. For example, the song, the moment Shanks appears, or the graphic display are really good.