Review dan Synopsis Film Napoleon Dynamite

Film Napoleon Dynamite – Napoleon Dynamite is a film that was first released in 2004 and tells the story of an awkward teenager who wants to get his life back. The cast who joined in this film include Jon Heder as Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Gries as Uncle Rico, Aaron Ruell as Kip, Efren Ramirez as Pedro, Diedrich Bader as Rex, Tina Majorino as Deb, Sandy Martin as Grandma, Haylie Duff as Summer Wheatly, Trevor Snarr as Don, and Shondrella Avery as Lafawnduh.

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Synopsis of Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite lives in the small town of Preston, Idaho. He is a teenager who is studying at high school level. Dynamite is an awkward child who has difficulty adjusting to school. Never mind being popular, it’s hard to even have friends. Dynamite lives with his drug addict brother. His brother is also in search of love.

Apart from his brother, Dynamite lives with his uncle, Rico. Since his grandmother had an accident, Rico has always watched over Dynamite. This is very unpleasant. Apart from not having a comfortable space at school, Dynamite also doesn’t have a comfortable space at home.

New Student at School

Once upon a time, there was a new student at school named Pedro. He is a transfer student from Mexico. Pedro is a child who rarely speaks because of the language barrier. Dynamite and Pedro later became friends. They seem to suit each other. Their adventure begins when Pedro wants to run for class president. Of course it’s a difficult thing, one child is awkward, one child is from a foreign area.

But Dynamite is actually enthusiastic about helping Pedro become class president. It could be that this is what proves its existence at school. Maybe Dynamite thought it was better to be a winner for a day, than a loser for the rest of his life.

Napoleon Dynamite is under the direction of Jared Hess

Rotten Tomatoes gave Napoleon Dynamite a score of 71 percent, with an audience rating of 74 percent. Meanwhile, IMDb gave a score of 6.9/10 from 195,857 raters. During its release in cinemas, Box Office Mojo recorded revenue for this film of more than 46.1 million United States dollars. More than $1.5 million came from international screenings.

Napoleon Dynamite is directed by Jared Hess with Jerusha Hess assisting with scriptwriting. This one hour 36 minute long film is under the auspices of the production studio Access Films and Napoleon Pictures Limited.

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