Synopsis of The Accountant, Martial Arts Expert Accountant !

Synopsis of The Accountant – The job of an accountant is usually identical to that of an office employee who sits at his desk to take care of a company’s finances. However, the accountant figure you will meet in the film The Accountant will be different from the stereotype of accountants in general.

Apart from being intelligent and a genius in solving financial problems, this accountant is also a martial arts expert and adept at using weapons to fight his enemies. What’s the story like? You can read the review and synopsis of the film The Accountant below.

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Synopsis of The Accountant

The film The Accountant tells the story of the life journey of an accountant whose alias is Christian Wolff. As a child, Christian was diagnosed with autism and was only friends with his younger brother, Braxton.

His mother left him and his father, who was a soldier, taught him hard so that they were both ready to face life’s challenges. Christian and Braxton were taught various martial arts skills to military strategy and were continuously forced to practice it all. As an adult, Chris followed in his father’s footsteps and became a soldier. However, a tragic incident killed his father and sent him to prison. In prison, he became acquainted and close with Francis, a senior professional accountant.

As an accountant, Francis knows a lot about financial fraud among the mafia. After he left prison, he was hunted to death by the Gambino mafia family. Chris, who found out about this, was angry and escaped from prison. With his skills, he killed nine Gambino mobsters who killed his best friend.

Genius in Mathematics

Chris, who is also a genius in mathematics, then switched professions to become an accountant. He often acts as a forensic accountant for criminal organizations and always succeeds in finding financial leaks in the organizations that are his clients. One day, Chris was recommended to become an accountant for a public company called Living Robotics.

Together with internal auditor Dana Cummings, Chris managed to find a leak of 61 million dollars. However, the next day the company’s internal accountant was found to have committed suicide.

The company’s CEO, Lamar Blackburn, stopped collaborating with Chris because he was worried that Chris’ findings would trigger further suicide victims. Chris, who has autism and has had to finish what he does since he was little, was angry. Even though his life was in danger because he was targeted after discovering a financial leak at Living Robotics.

Financial Leak Facts

Chris also knows that Dana is also being targeted as a victim. He started to like Dana and then tried to keep Dana safe from the killers who were chasing her. Chris and Dana finally realized the fact that the financial leak experienced by Living Robotics must have been carried out by someone within the company itself. Meanwhile, elsewhere, Treasury Department agent Ray King and his subordinate, Medina, are also looking for Chris’ identity for the murder of the Gambino family.

Chris goes to Lamar Blackburn’s house to kill him. There, he returned to meet his younger brother, Braxton, who was now tasked with protecting Lamar Blackburn. In the middle of his meeting with Braxton, Chris managed to kill Lamar. Meanwhile, Ray King and Medina finally managed to find Chris’ identity and his background.

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