“Robert The Doll” The Initial Inspiration for Spirit Doll Movie!

Robert the Doll Movie – Who doesn’t know the figure of the Robert doll, a cursed doll that has a terrible story in the past. Robert himself is now in the Fort East Martello Museum, America.

The Robert doll is produced by the Steiff Company for the sole purpose of being a doll, not a toy.

The Robert doll is depicted as a small child doll dressed as a sailor with a dog in his arms. This doll looks simple with lots of holes and stitches on its face which indicates the age of this doll is no longer young. Robert doll seems to have no nose and mouth, so it looks so flat. In contrast to the dog who was with him, the actual stature is also cute, but a bit creepy with bulging eyes and a tongue sticking out.

robert the doll movie

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Robert the Doll Movie: Real World Demon Puppet

Although not as scary as the Annabelle and Chucky dolls, friends need to know that the story of the Robert doll is the basis for the creation of these two legendary horror films. It could be said that Robert was a puppet of the devil in the real world.

The story begins with a small family living in Florida. The family is named the Gene family. Once upon a time this cursed doll was owned by a boy named Robert Eugene Otto around the 1800s.

The doll was a gift from her maid following Robert’s fourth birthday celebration. The maid named Agatha named the doll Robert, to be the same as its owner. Robert Eugene Otto himself at home was usually called Gene. Gene really loved the doll, he always brought Robert around everywhere. Do not forget that he also dressed Robert in a sailor outfit that we can see today in a museum in Florida.

robert the doll movie

Gene’s Weird Behavior

At first everything went as usual, but after a while, Gene seemed to be acting strangely as if he were talking to Robert’s doll.

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Gene’s parents initially thought this was normal, because Gane was a small child. However, as time went on, Robert’s doll began to show strange behavior, such as moving by itself, which at first held nothing but suddenly had a knife in his hand and other irregularities.

Gene’s family neighbors agreed with this, and some even caught Robert’s doll walking through the yard at night. It’s not uncommon for Robert’s doll to injure Gene. Even so, Gene’s parents always blamed him, because he was the only child in the house, but Gene avoided it and argued that it was Robert’s doll that was wrong. Gene’s parents, who were annoyed, sent him to France to separate him from Robert’s doll. Time passed, Gene grew up too. He eventually married a French woman named Anne.

robert the doll movie

Gene Returns to Meet Robert

In the end, Gene’s mother died. This made Gene and Anne have to return to their old home in Florida. Gene also met Robert again. Gene turned out to be increasingly agitated, he increasingly looked dazed when he was with Robert’s doll, as if hypnotized.

Anne was even more annoyed with Gene, but he was bullied again. Until one day, Anne, who was in the backyard shed, was suddenly pushed and locked from the outside for three days.

It turned out that it was not her husband who pushed and locked Anne, but Robert’s doll. Gradually Gene and Anne got used to Robert’s pranks, until Gene died in 1974. His house was later bought by a man named Myrtle Reuter. He, who heard the story of Robert’s doll from his neighbors, was horrified.

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After Myrtle Reuter died, Robert’s doll was kept in a museum until now and locked tightly behind a large glass. Robert’s doll is said to be the intermediary for a voodoo ritual that was often performed by Gene’s old maid.