Silent Hill Film Synopsis and Review 2006

Silent Hill Film Synopsis – Title : Silent Hill (2006)

Genre : Thriller, Horror

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (202,327 votes)
My Rate: 3.5/5

Director :
~ Christophe Gans
Writer :
~Roger Avary

Duration : 2h 5m
cast :
~Radha Mitchell (Rose)
~Jodelle Ferland (Sharon)
~ Laurie Holden (Cybil)

Silent Hill Film Synopsis

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Silent Hill Film Synopsis

About Sharon who often dreams while walking, this is not the first time and every time Sharon dreams she always wants to kill herself and she also often mentions “Silent Hill” in her dreams. Out of curiosity, the mother took Sharon to the Silent Hill location without her husband’s permission. After arriving there, instead of the answer to Sharon’s dream they got, but endless terror.

Silent Hill Film Synopsis

What’s next??

“Efforts against mob fanatics”
Silent Hill is a horror video game that is quite popular, even the video game itself has many series or franchises. But what if silent hill made into a film? I myself have never played the game and I only know this game, but I have never played it. I don’t know what the mission is, the enemies and the gameplay. So I can’t compare whether it’s similar or not. But after watching it, I think this film really includes what’s in the videogame, such as the unique and creepy enemy characters and the setting in which they are located.

Silent Hill Film Synopsis

The setting itself very well built, the setting here really looks very creepy covered with fog and the score is no less scary. The picture of the apocalypse here also shown non-stop, but this is what makes this film seem like a waste of time. Because there are so many scenes around the location, I understand the purpose of looking for the child, but it’s too frequent and when I run there are no surprises or anything to make it full. But then again, because the setting has been built in great detail, just running around looks really scary.

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Review Silent Hill

I don’t know if the story is similar or not to the game, but what’s clear is that the story is good, it’s just the initial plot that I don’t like. When Sharon dreamed of Silent Hill and her mother took her to Silent Hill instead. This initial plot really sucks for me, because he just dreams of a silent hill while wanting to go roundabout, but instead he’s invited to the silent hill. So I really couldn’t accept the initial plot, but when I was already in Silent Hill, everything seemed to change and became tense. The CGI and visuals here are also far from smooth, maybe because the production of this film was in 2006, so there’s still a lot that’s lacking.

But CGI and visuals really have a huge impact, because almost every enemy and some settings use CGI. I was a bit annoyed at first, but as the story got deeper, I could accept it all. And after watching this film, I really need a sequel that tells about the city of Silent Hill. I’m really curious about what happened to the city, it’s explained here, but not all, just a few. The point is I like it, this horror is different from the horror characters that are really horror, recommended.