Synopsis and Cast Movie The Karate Kid with Jackie Chan !

The Karate Kid – Who doesn’t know this Jackie Chan film? Even though in The Karate Kid Jackie Chan is not the main character, his acting still leaves a good impression throughout the film. What is this drama about? Check out the synopsis of The Karate Kid and some of the following film information.

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1. Synopsis of The Karate Kid

This film tells of a transfer student in Beijing who comes from the United States, namely Dre Parker. As a new student, a group of students at his new school often bully Dre. Until one day an incident occurred involving a student named Mei. As a result, under Cheng’s instructions as the leader of the group of bullying students did things out of line.

A fight ensues. Unfortunately, Dre, who is not good at fighting, is cornered by a group of bullies because they are karate athletes. Luckily, came Mr. Han the kung fu expert who helps Dre. Impressed with the expertise of Mr. Han, Dre also begged to be made a student by Mr. Han. After several refusals, Mr. Han also agrees to teach Dre.

The Karate Kid

2. Staff and cast

The Karate Kid is a film presented by Columbia Pictures together with several other production houses. This film was directed by Harald Zwart. Meanwhile, the story is written by Robert Mark Kamen and the screenplay is written by Christopher Murphey. This drama film presents Jaden Smith who plays Dre Parker and Jackie Chan who plays Mr. Han. Besides that, there is Taraji P. Henson who plays Dre’s mother named Sherry Parker. There is also Wenwen Hanyang as Meiying, Zhenwei Wang as Cheng, Yu Rongguang as Master Li, and many more.

The Karate Kid

4. Good will Always Win

Being a victim of bullying doesn’t make Dre goaded into doing the same thing. Despite being stricken with fear, Dre looks for ways to deal with the fear that surrounds him. Dre had no one else to help him. What’s more, Dre’s mother did not know that her child was being bullied by her friends at school. He still chose to remain silent until he visited a Kung Fu school complex.

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With the help of Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), Dre slowly learns and masters proper Kung Fu techniques. He also accepts a challenge from the teacher who taught Cheng to meet at the match. If you win, Dre won’t be bothered anymore. This story carries the meaning that evil will not run out if you are rewarded with evil.

The Karate Kid

4. Interesting viewing with the family

Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing and EDKO (China and Hong Kong), The Karate Kid was first released on June 11, 2010. Until now, the film The Karate Kid is often broadcast on several television stations in Indonesia, especially during holidays.

If you watch the movie The Karate Kid, usually the audience will immediately remember the song “Never Say Never” which was popularized by Justin Bieber with Jaden Smith who plays the main character in the film. This song is indeed one of the soundtracks for the film The Karate Kid. Of course, The Karate Kid is highly recommended for you to enjoy on holidays with your family. How are you, ready for the umpteenth rewatch?