Synopsis The Housemaid (2010), Action Revenge Household Assistant

Synopsis The Housemaid – Undergoing certain jobs to earn money is a choice. There’s nothing wrong with being a household helper either. There is nothing more difficult than helping out the household in a rich family. as depicted in The Housemaid’s film.

The Housemaid movie came out in May 2010. With a run time of about two hours, this is a coming-of-age story about a conglomerate family that seems to get along.

  • Jeon Do Yeon as Eun Yi
  • Lee Jung Jae as Hoon
  • Seo Woo as Hae Ra
  • Yoon Yuh Jung as Byeong Sik
Synopsis The Housemaid

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The Housemaid Synopsis

Eun Yi is a woman who has just hired as a household assistant for the Hoon family. This chaebol descendant asked him to be an additional assistant while his mistress, Hae Ra was heavily pregnant.

In this house, Eun Yi lives under the same roof with Mr. Hoon, Mrs. Hae Ra, the first daughter of this family and Byeong Sik’s senior household assistant. After working at the house for some time, Eun Yi occasionally chats with Mr. Hoon.

Unexpectedly, this interaction brought disaster to Eun Yi’s career as a maid in this house. Eun Yi accidentally caught by Byeong Sik having an affair with Pak Hoon. When asked by Mrs. Hae Ra’s mother, Byeong Sik said that Eun Yi was indeed in a forbidden relationship.

Synopsis The Housemaid

When she accidentally falls down the stairs, Eun Yi hospitalized. From there it finally discovered that she was pregnant. Of course this news known by Hae Ra and Byeong Sik. When Eun Yi returns home, she soon asked to confess and forced to have an abortion.

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At this moment, Eun Yi faced with a dilemma. She wanted to have an abortion but her friend asked her to raise the baby. After slapped by her employer, she had second thoughts about raising her baby calo or not.

What about the final decision chosen by Eun Yi? Will Pak Hoon find out about this conflict that has involved him and his wife?

Synopsis The Housemaid

1. The film The Housemaid topped the box office in its first week of broadcast

The film The Housemaid premiered in South Korea on May 13, 2010. Released by Sidus FNH, the film shown on 679 screens and immediately topped the box office in its first week by earning an estimated $5.7 million or equivalent to Rp.84 billion.

The international premiere of The Housemaid took place on May 14 in competition at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. Meanwhile, the United States distribution rights were acquired by IFC Films, which released it in 2011.

2. Synopsis The Housemaid: Uploading artwork has a dark meaning in the film

The Housemaid film is about 1 hour and 9 minutes long. There a scene showing Eun Yi sitting on a bed against which a large artwork with English words is displayed in the background.

These words are a quote from Nathanael West’s novel entitled ‘Miss Lonleyhearts’, a work that reflects several dark themes, such as depression, loneliness, drinking, adultery, and physical violence.

3. The wound on Eun Yi’s thigh is Jeon Do Yeon’s original wound

There are two scenes in this film that show large scars or burns on the upper thighs of actress Jeon Do Yeon (played as Eun Yi). This was told directly by director Im Sang Soo.

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Before filming started, Jeon Do Yeon told Im Sang Soo that he had scars because he knew that there would be many scenes involving nudity in the film in the future. Im Sang Soo admitted that he had no problem with that. However, as filming progressed, he felt that Jeon Do Yeon’s scar fit perfectly with the ideas in the film.