Synopsis and Cast of Unlocked (2023)

Thelongestfilm – Synopsis and Cast of Unlocked. Recently, South Korean films have begun to be watched by many people and are available on television and on official platforms. Just like this thriller film titled Unlocked from Korea, which was recently released on one of the official platforms that provide streaming services. This is because the film Unlocked has succeeded in attracting a lot of public attention, especially among thriller movie connoisseurs.

The film Unlocked managed to rank second in the Top 10 Netflix Global. This film, which tells about someone’s crime, also became a hot topic of conversation on social media because the storyline is tense and worth watching.

Synopsis, Showtime, and Cast of an Unlocked Film

The film Unlocked tells the story of a girl named Lee Na Mi, who works as an employee for a food manufacturing company. An incident happened to her; Na Mi lost her cell phone on the bus and doesn’t remember the details of the incident because she was a little drunk. Until the next day, Na Mi realized that her cell phone was no longer in her hands.

Na Mi doesn’t bother with the misfortune she experienced and continues to carry out her usual routine. One day after returning home from work, Na Mi visited her father’s coffee shop. It was then that he received a call from someone. From the connection, Na Mi received news that her cellphone had been accidentally damaged and had just been serviced and paid for.

Na Mi went to the place where her cell phone repaired. The girl took her cellphone as usual, without any suspicion. Na Mi returned to carrying out her daily activities normally, then after work returned to her father’s coffee shop. In the end, Na Mi began to feel suspicious, and something was wrong with her cell phone since she lost it that day.

Na Mi wakes up and begins to investigate what happened to her. It was from this incident that crimes began to unfold, making the storyline of this film even more exciting. Since it was first broadcast on February 17, 2023, on Netflix, the film Unlocked has attracted the attention of the audience. Moreover, the storyline also reminds us to always be careful and maintain security on our cellphones.

Who Are the Cast in Unlocked Movie?

Unlocked (2023), directed by Kim Tae Joon, has become a trending thriller film, ranking first on Netflix and in several Asian countries. In his debut work. The Unlocked film an adaptation of a Japanese novel entitled Sumaho o Otoshita Dake, which published in 2017.

A year later, in 2018, the novel Sumaho o Otoshita Dake made into a Japanese version of the film with a different title and continued with a sequel film in 2020. The success of the film Unlocked also contributed to its being a successful film that changed lives because the moral message it possessed could be related to our daily events.

However, before that, the Unlocked film had a slight overhaul from the original novel, starting with the story and characters that developed. Of course, behind the success of the film Unlocked, there are a number of great players from South Korea.

Just take a look at the players as follows:

1. Chun Woo Hee

Being the main character in the story in the film Unlocked, Chun Woo Hee gets the role of a girl named Lee Na Mi and works at a start-up company. Whoever had bad luck had to lose his cellphone and make his life unusual. In the story of the film Unlocked, Na Mi also fired from her office due to someone’s trap.

2. Im Siwan

Including the main role opposite Chun Woo Hee, Im Siwan plays Oh Jun Yeong. He was also the one who accidentally found Lee Na Mi’s cellphone and made a crime plan. Interestingly, Oh Jun Yeong’s character in the film Unlocked looks like a psychopath. He also accused of changing his last name from Woo to Oh.

3. Kim Hee Won

Next Kim Hee Won, who plays a detective named Woo Ji Man. In his character, Woo Ji Man is the one who first finds traces of Oh Jun Yeong’s crimes at the murder scene he is investigating. He is also the father of Oh Jun Yeong, whom he once suspected of being a criminal.

4. Park Ho San

Participated in getting to play in the film Unlocked; in his role, Park Ho San became Nami’s father. He also owns the shop where Na Mi visits after work. Interestingly, in the film Unlocked, Park Ho San suspected the actions of his son, Lee Na Mi.

5. Kim Ye Won

As a complementary role, in the film Unlocked, Kim Ye Won plays Jeong Eun Joo, a friend of Lee Na Mi, played by Chun Woo Hee. In the film Unlocked, Jeong Eun Joo was accused by Na Mi of being the mastermind behind the problems she was experiencing until finally new facts were revealed.

6. Oh Hyun Kyung

One of these supporting roles, namely Oh Hyun Kyung’s, is that of CEO Oh. In the film Unlocked, CEO Oh is the president of the start-up company where Na Mi works. Interestingly, this woman is also Na Mi’s senior, as you know.

7. Jeon Jin Oh

Including supporting roles, in the film Unlocked, Jeon Jin Oh also plays Kim Jung Ho.

8. Kim Joo Ryoung

Also in a supporting role, Kim Joo Ryoung played Eun Mi in the film Unlocked.

9. Gil Haeyeon

Finally, Gil Hae Yeon is also a supporting actor in Unlocked as Je Yeon.

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