10 Best Recomendation Movies About Sharks And Whales

Thelongestfilm – Movies about Whales. If you like the thrilling and semi-horror action film genres, this Best Shark and Whale Film recommendation is perfect for watching if you like this genre. With the ferocity of these marine mammals, the scene offered is inseparable from the sea.

Several existing films tell of the ancient Megalodon shark from the time of the dinosaurs, which believed to be the largest shark on earth. Meanwhile, another film tells about the mutation of sharks and whales due to human research. Sharks and whales are the two sea creatures that most amaze people.

When you see these two creatures swimming freely in the vast ocean, you will immediately realize how small these humans compared to what they see. Along with the times, many shark and whale stories told in films. Films with the theme of sharks and whales have been quite popular for a long time; it is evident that there are almost always films of this genre in theaters, although not every year.

Do you want to know what the best shark- and whale-themed movies are?

1. Movies about Whales : Jaws (1975)

Amity Island is an island on the east coast of the United States that is famous as a vacation spot for Americans before summer. In summer, local residents offer many resorts and rides for tourists.

But the excitement of a summer vacation on Amity Island turned into a tragedy when a woman’s body found on the island’s beach. After being identified, the woman allegedly killed by a ferocious shark attack. Worried about the possibility of another victim, Chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) decides to close the island’s beaches until the shark problem resolved. But Chief Brody’s decision came under fire from the mayor.

Unfortunately, the shark attack tragedy continued to occur until finally Chief Brody brought in an oceanographer, Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss), and a shark hunter, Quint (Robert Shaw), to hunt down the ferocious shark. This Jaws film is a pioneering film that depicts a shark as the main antagonist. Unfortunately, until now, there has been no film that can compete with this Jaws film in a similar genre.

This film is able to take advantage of tragedies that occur in the real world to create terror in the audience. This film does have an ordinary story. But thanks to Steven Spielberg, an ordinary story can transformed into something extraordinary.

2. Movies about Whales : Whale Rider (2002)

Paikea (Kesha Castle-Hughes) is the daughter of a Maori tribe who has descendants as a tribal chief. He born as twins with his brother, but unfortunately he and his mother could not saved before delivery. When he turned twelve, his father left him to study in Germany.

Although his father obliged to lead his tribe, he preferred to pursue his goal as an artist. This put him at odds with his grandfather. When his father left, Pai raised by his grandfather, Koro (Rawiri Paratene). Koro’s grandfather always trained Maori boys so they could become warriors and chiefs. Grandpa Koro at first didn’t accept Pai’s presence because she was a girl. But affection slowly softened the grandfather’s heart.

He then begins to accept Pai’s presence, and he trains Pai to become a tribal chief, an obligation his father is unable to fulfill. Although the title of this film mentions a whale, this film does not focus its story on a whale. This film is a family drama depicting the mythical ancestry of the Maori tribe who inhabit the New Zealand islands.

They believe that their ancestors came to the New Zealand islands on the back of a humpback whale. From there is the basis of the story that inspired this film. This film presents a family drama that is thick with traditional nuances, with an emphasis on the struggle to challenge the traditional status attached to a woman.

3. Blackfish (2013)

Blackfish is a documentary film that tells about Tillikum, an orca, better known as a killer whale. Tilly lives on in the SeaWorld ride, and in the time she has held captive, she has claimed the lives of three of her trainers. Prior to entering SeaWorld, Tilly captured by whalers and sold for the ride.

In captivity, he does not enjoy freedom like other whales that swim freely in the vast ocean. It made Tilly feel stressed. Like other orcas, Tilly is an intelligent animal. He trained by his coach to be able to bring spectacular attractions.

But unfortunately for him, when he started to feel stressed, some of his coaches died while he was practicing, even during performances. In this film, you will learn about a rotten corporation called SeaWorld that catches many marine animals. They do it in the name of education for the sake of profit.

This documentary will make your heart melt, especially if you are someone who really cares about animals. The idea that orcas are sweet creatures like those depicted in the movie Free Willy will also disappear.

4. In the Heart of the Sea (2018)

In the 1840s, an American writer named Herman Melville (Ben Wishaw) interested in creating a story about the sinking of the whaling ship Essex. He met the only survivor of the ill-fated ship, Tom Nickerson. Initially, Tom Nickerson (Tom Holland) did not want to say what caused his trauma.

But after Herman managed to convince him, he began to tell about his experience, which began in 1820. In 1820, whale oil still widely used as fuel for several purposes. The price itself is quite fantastic. This is what makes many fishermen risk their lives to hunt whales for their oil. Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) is an experienced whaling fisherman.

One day he asked to lead a whaling expedition. Unfortunately, he assigned vice captain after a fight broke out. Owen is always at odds with the captain because he doesn’t accept that decision. He also considered his captain to be incompetent in his duties. But he had to live with it because he needed the job to support his family.

This film tells the story of when one of America’s best literary works, Moby Dick, was born. a novel that tells of a ship that destroyed by a giant white whale attack. This film is quite serious in depicting a hunt with an adventurous vibe. The original story, which seems brutal, well processed so that it can watched by young people. The dramatic experience presented solidly thanks to the neat visual effects.

5. Movies about Whales : Free Willy (1993)

A group of orcas about to caught by whale fishermen. In the middle of the orca group was a small orca (Willy). Because he still weak, he could not avoid the fishermen’s nets, so he caught. Willy brought in by the fishermen and sold to an orca whale attraction. After some time, he met Jesse, an orphan who punished for cleaning up the dirt near the rides.

Willy and Jesse began to interact. Slowly, they became friends, and Willy also tried to teach him some tricks. When Willy’s coach saw that Jesse was capable of training him, he invited Jesse to work there.

This film presents a very touching friendship drama between Jesse and Willy the orca. On the other hand, this film also satirizes marine animal show corporations that do not pay attention to the welfare of their animals. If you watch this film now, you will always remember your childhood, when you watched this film with your family and friends.

Even though it has been more than a quarter of a century, this film will still leave an impression on every audience member’s mind. This film is suitable to watched with all family members because the story is very friendly.

6. The Meg (2018)

Along with the high curiosity of mankind about the deepest point on earth, some scientists built an underwater laboratory to study environmental conditions and ecosystems in the Mariana Trench. After the lab completed, scientists began their work to examine the trench.

When they made their observations, they surprised by a giant shark, Megalodon, which thought to have gone extinct tens of millions of years ago. The ancient shark very ferocious; it damaged a submarine driven by several scientists. To find the whereabouts of the missing submarine, scientists bring in Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham), an expert diver.

This film feels like an old-school monster movie, but it presented with magnificent visual effects. This film purely made to entertain you and other viewers with characters and plots that are very familiar to the tastes of the majority of viewers. Even though there are clichés and scenes that miss logic, you will enjoy the excitement of this film to the fullest if you throw away your idealism and rationalism.

7. Deep Blue Sea (1999)

A group of scientists is conducting research in an underwater laboratory. They researched three mako sharks to find a drug that could cure Alzheimer’s disease. The research turned into a disaster when Dr. Susan McAlester (Saffron Burrows) committed a procedural error that resulted in a mako shark becoming a large, intelligent, and ferocious shark.

As a result of the tragedy, the shark released from the laboratory and fled into the open sea, where it caused a lot of damage. A boat carrying a group of teenagers attacked by the shark until the ship was damaged. In order to overcome this incident, Russell Franklin (Samuel L. Jackson), the executive officer of the laboratory, came to investigate.

The scientists were trying to prove that their findings worked, but a shark attack damaged their findings. The escaped shark returns to the laboratory to terrorize the trapped scientists. With flooded lab conditions, the scientists had to try to find a way to save themselves from the shark’s ferocity.

This Deep Blue Sea film is not just a film that displays terror and blood. Drama, science fiction, and a bit of humor make this film fun to watch. In terms of story, this film presented simply. Scenes that invite tension are shown at the right moment, so they don’t seem forced.

8. 47 meters down (2017)

A happy holiday turns into a terrible disaster. Lisa (Mandy Moore) and her sister, Kate (Claire Holt), go to Mexico for a vacation and enjoy marine tourism. There, they are offered the chance to try rides that test their adrenaline. They are invited to dive in an iron cage, and they will see a group of sharks from behind the bars.

At first, Lisa wasn’t sure about the safety of the ride, but after Kate persuaded her, they finally agreed to try to get into the cage. As they slowly descended into the sea, they were amazed to see a school of sharks having a feast. But bad luck happened when the rope holding the cage broke, and they sank to the bottom of the sea, which was as deep as 47 meters and filled with ferocious sharks.

This film has a unique story concept. The way the director of this film worked in a tight space gave this film an intense atmosphere and succeeded in making the audience tense. Visually, this film also succeeded in strengthening the story and adding to the horror of the film. The picture is clear, and when the shark is feeding on its prey, the red and blue colors of the ocean seem to exert their own psychological stress.

9. Movies about Whales : Jaws 2 (1978)

Four years after the shark attack tragedy on Amity Island, the peace of the island is again disturbed by the presence of another ferocious white shark. Many accidents and mysterious attacks have occurred since the appearance of this ferocious shark. Seeing the events that occurred, Chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) believes that all the accidents were caused by a shark that is as ferocious as the first one he encountered.

In order to prevent another victim from occurring, Brody again reminded the mayor to declare a state of emergency. Unfortunately, his decision resulted in his being fired and replaced by another police officer. When Brody realizes that his son, Mike (Mark Gruner), is out in the middle of the ocean and being threatened by the shark, he has to deal with the shark problem on his own.

The effect that felt when the audience watched the first Jaws film that many of them felt afraid when playing in the sea. Although this second film does not have that effect, it still entertains the audience. You could say this film has a presentation that is quite biting, although not as good as the first film. For you fans of horror slasher films, you will also enjoy this film.

10. The Shark’s Tale (2004)

In the depths of the ocean, fish live like humans. There are fish who become cleaning service officers; there are those who become police officers; there are drivers; and even sharks who become mafia.

One day, Oscar (Will Smith) meets two sharks named Frankie (Michael Imperioli) and his younger brother, Lenny (Jack Black). Frankie, who has always been a champion, cornered Oscar and wanted to eat him. When Frankie was about to devour him, a boat anchor fell on his head, and he was instantly killed.

The innocent Lenny dared not attack Oscar, and he grieved when he saw his older brother die. Lenny is worried that Frankie’s death will cause him to be punished by his father, who is a mafia boss, Don Lino (de Niro). Therefore, he decided to stay with Oscar.

The cunning Oscar uses Lenny’s presence to make a name for himself. He asked Lenny to act as if he had been beaten by Oscar. Lenny also accepts it, as long as he doesn’t have to go back to his father. But Oscar’s charade and fame did not last long.

Shortly after hearing about the “shark killer,” Don Lino sent his men to find out who the “shark killer” who had killed his son was. In terms of the atmosphere that is shown, this film is not much different from the film Finding Nemo.

What is unique about this film is that the characters depicted are made to look like caricatures of their voice actors. The story that this film presents is very warm, friendly, and witty. This film is suitable for you to watch with your family. In addition to an exciting story, this film also conveys the message “be yourself,” which is worth following.

Those are the 10 best shark and whale films that are suitable to accompany your free time. The films above are more fun to watch when accompanied by snacks, drinks, and friends. Some of the films above might make you afraid to go to sea. Even so, sharks and whales are not animals to be feared but protected. Hopefully, from this film, you can learn how amazing these two sea creatures are.

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