Synopsis and Cast of Watchmen Movie

Watchmen Movie – Writing superhero stories that are iconic and different from others is a tough task for comic artists and film writers. There needs to be new elements that must be introduced in a superhero story so that it can attract attention and become a breath of fresh air among hundreds of other hero stories. This was successfully done by the writers from DC and the famous action film director by producing the dark neo-noir film Watchmen.

The author dares to say that Watchmen tries to break and rebel against mainstream hero films because it conveys the theme of the dark side of the lives of heroes and characters who have complex personalities and moral compasses. Watchmen succeeds in showing the gray side between the light and darkness of the battle between good and evil by showing the moral ambiguity of the heroes who each have their own dark sides.

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Starting from a comic by DC

Watchmen movie is a screen adaptation of the DC comic with the same title. The Watchmen story written by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons and then adapted into a film directed by Zack Snyder. The Watchmen film is faithful to its original source from the comics, namely telling a story that does not deviate too much from the comics and succeeds in presenting the characters and their respective personalities and motivations accurately.

Introducing iconic hero and villain characters

The characters in the film Watchmen are the main attraction of the movie. Each character has a unique design and personality, especially Dr. Manhattan with nuclear powers works as a physics researcher and experiences an accident that gives him superpowers. Then there is Rorschach which gets its name from the mask that changes following the pattern of the Rorschach test which tests patients with abstract patterns.

Each character, both hero and villain, has a unique personality. They cannot always do good or always do evil. The heroes in this film each have their own dark side, such as The Comedian who accused of assassinating the president of the United States, John F Kennedy. Then characters like Rorschach fight criminals in unlawful ways based on personal revenge, and Dr. Manhattan who has moral judgments beyond normal human reasoning.

Tells an alternative history of the Cold War

The story in Watchmen centers on an alternate history of the Cold War. The emergence of people with super abilities gave the United States a huge advantage in the war compared to the original version. However, due to scandals and several problems caused by costumed heroes, superhero fighting activities prohibited by law. So the heroes have to give up their heroic titles and live like ordinary people.

Revealing the dark side of the world of superheroes

The world of superheroes not always characterized by heroism and praise from society. On the other hand, public trust in the presence of superheroes divided into two camps, namely there are camps that hate superheroes because some of them harm society by working outside the law using their dangerous abilities. Some of the hero characters in Watchmen also have a dark side that is not far from the villains they fight.

Apart from that, you can see the story of the heroes in Watchmen for yourself. Many surprises and plot twists surround the characters, both heroes and villains. You can watch this film via Netflix. Enjoy watching!

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