Synopsis & Review Eyes Wide Shut, The Trap of Desire that Blinds

Synopsis Eyes Wide Shut. Every human being has a desire to live. Desire plays a major role in driving human action. One of the most difficult desires to fulfill is the desire for the opposite sex. Even when married, the desire often still appears. Not a few people are stuck because of it. As a result, they put aside loyalty for the sake of satisfying desires.

In the film Eyes Wide Shut, there are a husband and wife who are having problems in their marriage relationship. They question their reasons for being loyal and harbor desires. The question actually provokes desire and brings up a much bigger problem. What’s the story like? Let’s discuss it in the following synopsis and film review.

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Synopsis Eyes Wide Shut

Dr. Bill Harford and his wife, Alice, live in New York. They had a daughter named Helena. One day, Bill and Alice attend a Christmas party being hosted by Bill’s patient, Victor Ziegler. At the event, Bill met his college friend, Nick Nightingale. Nick did not finish his medical studies and chose to work as a piano player.

Alice is seduced by a guest from Hungary, Sandor Szavost. Sandor seduced Alice with his romantic poems. He asked why a woman as beautiful as Alice would marry. At the same time, Bill was also being seduced by two models who were also guests. The incident stops after Victor asks Bill for help when his girlfriend, Mandy, suddenly overdoses upstairs.

Bill and Alice go home.

Bill and Alice go home after Bill treats Victor’s girlfriend. They both then consumed cannabis. Bill said he understood why Sandor admired Alice. According to Bill, Alice looks very beautiful, so people like her. Alice replied to Bill’s words. She assumed that even Bill would want to fuck the two models at the party because they were beautiful too.

Bill stated that he would never make love to another woman. When asked what the reason was, Bill answered that he loved Alice and they were both married. Unexpectedly, Alice was even angry. She felt that Bill didn’t want to make love to other people because of his marital status, not because he didn’t have the desire to have sex with other women.

Fantasy Love

Bill then asked if Alice had any fantasies of making love to someone else. Alice said she had thought about it when they were vacationing in Cape Cod.

At that time, Alice met a soldier. She fantasized that the man would fuck her. Even then, she thought about leaving Bill and their child. This statement deeply disturbed Bill. After that, Bill contacted by someone who stated that his patient had died. Bill went to the patient’s residence.

There, Bill meets his patient’s daughter, Marion. Marion also told me about her father’s condition before he died. While telling the story, Marion interested in Bill. She then tries to seduce Bill. The seduction stopped after many guests arrived to see the condition of Marion’s father.

On the way home, Bill saw some prostitutes. Bill tries to use the services of a prostitute, Domino. While they were alone, Alice called. Bill also canceled his intention.

Bill meets Nick at the Jazz Club.

Bill then meets Nick at a jazz club. Nick said he once played the piano blindfolded at a sex party. All guests who come given a code and must wear a mask. Bill rents costumes and masks at Milich’s shop. There, Milich found his daughter making love to two men.

Seeing that, Bill was even more motivated to follow his passion. He goes to the location Nick told him about and enters using the code. One of the female guests warns Bill that the place is dangerous, but Bill enters anyway. While the event was in progress, the leader at the event asked Bill to go to the center of the building. Bill asked to provide a second code, but he could not answer. Bill also ran away.

When he got home, Bill found Alice dreaming of being fucked by another man. Meanwhile, Bill terrified. He had a feeling those masked men would finish him off. Can Bill survive? Will Bill maintain his household with Alice?

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