Synopsis and Review Last Seen Alive Movie

Thelongestfilm.comLast Seen Alive. How does it feel to suddenly lose someone you love in a public place? Of course, the loss this time wasn’t due to an accident or anything; it really disappeared without a trace.

This is what Gerard Butler, who plays Will in the film Last Seen Alive, feels. Playing against Jaimie Alexander or Lisa, Will acts as a husband who is looking for his wife, Lisa, who suddenly disappears.

Last Seen Alive (2022), which has a mystery action drama genre, is broadcast on Netflix and directed by Brian Goodman. He has also directed several other films, such as What Doesn’t Kill You (2008) and Black Butterfly (2017).

If you are curious about how exciting this mystery action film played by Gerard Butler is, let’s just take a look at the following Last Seen Alive movie review!

Synopsis: Last seen alive

Synopsis and Review Last Seen Alive

The film Last Seen Alive tells the story of a husband and wife who are on their way to the house of the wife’s parents, Lisa Spann (Jaimie Alexander). Their relationship was not in good shape, so Lisa decided to stay at her parents’ house first.

Even so, Will Spann (Gerard Butler), who accompanied his wife, still hopes that after this, their marriage relationship will return to good terms. Will doesn’t want a divorce, while Lisa looks like she really wants one.

When he was almost at Lisa’s parents’ house, Will planned to fill up at the nearest gas station. While Will was refueling, Lisa stopped by a minimarket to buy mineral water. Here is the beginning of the story of this film.

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Lisa didn’t return to their car after buying mineral water from the minimarket. Will started to panic when he entered the convenience store and Lisa wasn’t there. He started looking from the toilet, asking people around about Oscar (Micahel Irby), the minimarket cashier, but no one saw Lisa.

When everything seems odd enough, Will calls the local police and reports that he has lost his wife. Detective Paterson (Russel Hornsby), who is handling this case, immediately meets Will to start his search.

After hearing and searching for evidence of Lisa’s disappearance at the gas station, detectives and the police suspect Will. However, Will can prove to the detectives through the gas station CCTV that he forcibly took from Oscar.

In the CCTV video, you can see Lisa being greeted by a man when Lisa left the mini market. Lisa approached him and was seen chatting with the man.

However, the CCTV camera was then blocked by a large truck that was passing by. And a few seconds later, the mysterious man and Lisa also disappeared from the CCTV range.

Long story short, Will showed the CCTV footage to Lisa’s parents and it turned out that his parents knew the mysterious man who was a worker or handyman who had worked for Lisa’s parents. The Man Named Knuckles (Ethan Embry).

Then, Will, who already knew where to find Knuckles, immediately rushed to his house. The place hidden and when found, it turns out that Knuckles intends to run away, so a fight ensues. But Will manages to catch Knuckles and asks where Lisa is.

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But unfortunately, he stopped by the traffic police for speeding. When the police start to get suspicious, Will immediately runs into the woods leaving his car and Knuckles behind. It was from there that the Paterson police and detectives began tracking and following Will.

After running deep into the woods, Will finds Frank’s drug factory. He, who had a firearm, managed to enter and there was a shootout with Frank’s men.

The shooting which quite fierce ended with a large explosion which destroyed and claimed many victims from Frank’s men. Then, at a critical moment for Will, the police and detectives arrive at the venue.

The Plot is Fast and Plenty of Plot Holes

Synopsis and Review Last Seen Alive

At the beginning of the Last Seen Alive film, it told directly in the middle of the story where there is a scene where detective Paterson asks Knuckles where Lisa is. In a state Knuckles bound bloody and scared.

For a mystery action film, that scene becomes an interesting verse at the beginning of the film. But unfortunately, many are lacking or skipped, so it makes the story somewhat confusing. The plot is very fast but not accompanied by sufficient explanations.

For example, Oscar, who is a cashier at a gas station convenience store, was initially suspicious because he did not want to hand over the CCTV footage. But it doesn’t explain why or what it means for him to act like that. Maybe I wanted to spice up the mystery here, but instead it seems like something is missing.

Good Acting Gerard Butler with a Dry Story

Synopsis and Review Last Seen Alive

Gerard Butler, who starred in hits like 300 (2006), the Has Fallen trilogy, and The Bounty Hunter (2010), very unfortunate because he has to star in films that are less like the Last Seen Alive film.

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Jaimie Alexander, who plays Lisa, doesn’t get too much attention; from the beginning of the film, everything focuses only on Will. Lisa only seen at the beginning and end of the film.

In addition to the story feeling dry, the explosion effect in the final scene looks less convincing, aka the CGI is lacking. This is what makes me feel that this film is bland because my expectations for it are action films full of mystery.

Even though from a mystery standpoint it’s lacking, at least the special effects should be okay, but it turned out to be a bit disappointing. But overall, this film is still enjoyable; just don’t get your hopes up too high.

Hard-line fans of mystery action films might be a bit disappointed, but there’s nothing wrong with watching this film in your spare time because the overall story is still going well.