Synopsis & Review of Instant Family, Adopt 3 Children at Once!

Synopsis Instant Family – Have you ever thought about adopting a child? This decision might cause controversy for local people. Moreover, if you adopt 3 children at once. But this is what Pete and Ellie do, a husband and wife whose life is very harmonious. Interestingly, the story of Pete and Ellie is not just a fictional story, but is inspired by a true story.

In this family-themed film, we will be taken to see the lives of Pete and Ellie after they decided to adopt three brothers who changed their lives forever. Starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, what’s next for Pete and Ellie’s story? Check out the synopsis and review below.

Synopsis Instant Family

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Synopsis Instant Family

Pete Wagner and Ellie Wagner are a husband and wife who can be said to be very harmonious. They have the same vision about life, support each other, and rarely fight. Even though they have no children, Pete and Ellie still live happily. Until one day, Ellie had an argument with her older sister, Kim. When Ellie showed Kim a 5 bedroom house, Kim rejected the house.

Their argument became increasingly heated until finally Kim said that Ellie would never want to have children. Ellie was quite stunned when her sister said that. So far, Ellie has not thought about having children because she feels that she and Pete do not have enough money to raise children.

Pete was hesitant about having children because he felt he was too old. But suddenly, the word ‘adoption’ came out of Pete’s mouth.

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Synopsis Instant Family

Start Looking for Information about Child Adoption

Without Pete realizing it, Ellie was thinking those words. Ellie starts to find out about child adoption. Even though Pete had rejected him, finally Pete started to think about adopting a child. They finally agreed to take a foster parent class. While attending the class, Pete and Ellie were very enthusiastic. They also met with other prospective foster parents who also intended to adopt children.

Before they can adopt, they have to go through a series of classes first, until finally they arrive at the day when prospective foster parents can meet and choose the children they will care for.

Pete and Ellie start to get to know each other and play with the children. The orphanage administrator said that not many parents wanted to adopt teenage children. In fact, there are lots of teenagers who don’t have families there. Pete felt sorry and angry at the thought. He then approached the group of teenagers and intended to approach them.

Synopsis Instant Family

Choose 3 Children at Once

They accidentally saw Lizzy and were impressed with Lizzy. Pete and Ellie decided to choose Lizzy as a foster child. Unexpectedly, Lizzy had 2 younger siblings, namely Juan and Lita, who were also abandoned at the orphanage. Like it or not, Pete and Ellie ended up taking and taking care of the three of them. Even though they had great doubts, Pete and Ellie were finally determined to care for Lizzy, Juan and Lita.

Having different personalities, Pete and Ellie have to adapt to their new lives. Lizzy, the oldest child who is 15 years old, has a rebellious attitude but also really cares about her two younger siblings.

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Juan, the middle child, is a reckless boy. Meanwhile, Lita, the youngest child, has a sweet attitude but often throws tantrums if her wishes are not followed.

Synopsis Instant Family: Conflicts Begin to Emerge

Conflicts began to emerge when Lizzy began to show her rebellious attitude. Even though Ellie tried hard to approach Lizzy and be gentle with her, Lizzy showed the opposite attitude. He even looks uncomfortable with Ellie. This makes Ellie sad. However, the closer she got, the more Lizzy rebelled.

Not to mention Lizzy’s two younger siblings who are quite difficult to handle. Pete and Ellie actually felt that their life was much calmer when they weren’t foster parents. So, what will Pete and Ellie do? Can they survive with their three new children? You can watch the film until the end to find out the answer, yes!