Synopsis and Review of the Drama Film John Q (2002)

Drama Film John Q – John’s small family lived happily even though they were not rich, until one day, their son, Mike, suddenly fainted and stopped breathing. As soon as he taken to the hospital, the doctor and director said that Mike had to undergo a heart transplant if he wanted to have a longer life expectancy. Problems began to arise when John’s insurance did not cover such large amounts of treatment.

Trying to seek help from various parties, John continued to have difficulty meeting the huge costs of a heart transplant. Meanwhile, Mike threatened with expelled from the hospital even though the man had put in some money. Dark-eyed and desperate, John took desperate action.

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Synopsis Drama Film John Q

A woman had an accident, being hit by a large truck from the front after failing to overtake another large truck in front of her. The scene changes when the car belonging to Denise (Kimberly Elise), wife of John Quincy Archibald (Denzel Washington) forcibly towed due to arrears. John and his small family, including son Mike (Daniel E. Smith) live happily even though they seem to be experiencing financial problems.

John tried to get a side job to cover the family’s economic shortfall. With 15 years of experience working with heavy equipment, he confident of being accepted. The story continues when Mike suddenly faints in the middle of a baseball game which his parents are watching.

Drama Film John Q: Mike is threatened with heart failure

John and Denise immediately took Mike to the hospital because his son had stopped breathing. After receiving help, the boy treated. Mike threatened with heart failure. The hospital represented by director Rebecca Payne (Anne Heche) and Head of Cardiology, Dr. Raymond Turner (James Woods) is seen having a meeting with John and his wife.

Dr. Turner showed the x-ray results of Mike’s heart, which turned out to be three times larger than the heart of a healthy child his age. There is a septal defect in some parts that triggers myopathy and can result in pulmonary edema and malignant ventricular ectopy.

The point is that Mike’s heart wasn’t pumping enough blood so blood accumulated in his lungs. The child needs a heart transplant or will die. Rebecca suggested another option, namely treating it while making Mike as comfortable as possible. John and Denise were asked to start thinking about quality of life. Denise still can’t believe her son is in such a serious condition. Turner explained again that Mike looked healthy, but he would get tired easily and would sleep more, until one day he wouldn’t wake up. Even so, they have to accept the fact that Mike may not have long to live.

High Risk of Heart Transplant

According to Rebecca, a heart transplant has very high risks. Mike could even die during surgery. He doesn’t recommend doing that. However, if Mike does not have surgery, he will only have a matter of months, maybe even days, left to live. When John asked what Turner would choose if this happened to his son, the doctor said he would do a transplant.

John agreed but Rebecca said that the grafting process was not that easy. There are other considerations before Mike can enter the donor list. He then said that the cost of graft surgery was very expensive. John’s insurance cannot be used for such a big procedure. When John asked how much it would cost, Rebecca answered around $250,000 dollars.

The hospital requires a down payment

The hospital requires a 30% down payment before entering the patient’s name on the recipient list. This means that John has to prepare $75,000 dollars. The two married couples decided to take Mike away from the hospital, but Dr. Ellen Klein (Larissa Laskin) catches up and tells John some things he can do to reduce the cost of the graft Mike needs. He advised John to go back to the insurance company, ask HR at the hospital for medical assistance because there is money there, there is also Children’s Services, or there is Medicaid.

Ellen wants Mike to remain in the hospital and receive treatment. John followed the advice and went to see the insurer to get an explanation of the premium he received.

He shocked because in all his years of work, he only had a maximum insurance coverage of $20,000 dollars. John then advised to submit an appeal which would processed within seven working days. Together with Denise, he tried to find financial assistance from various parties. Unfortunately, his efforts were not successful because John received rejections here and there. One good news he received, his appeal approved.

However, when she submitted the appeal letter to the hospital, Rebecca rejected it because the letter needed was not an appeal letter but a complaint letter. John became increasingly confused because the cost of his own treatment had reached $30,000 dollars while he felt that no one was helping. He was sick of ignored.

John decided to sell goods at his house

John decides to sell the items in his house. Luckily, John and Denise’s church friends and co-workers, Jimmy Palumbo (David Thornton) and his wife, Gina Palumbo (Laura Harring), also helped in the end. The story continues when John and Jimmy meet Tuck Lampley (Paul Johansson), a television presenter.

Jimmy and John asked him for help of any kind. Especially things he can do, such as creating a special segment on television to receive donations. Lampley was willing to help but he also had to discuss this with his superiors. So, will John finally be able to collect the required fees? Can Mike helped?

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