Synopsis Jurassic World Dominton Movie You Should Watch

Jurassic World Dominton – Four years after the events on Isla Nublar and Lockwood castle, Owen and Claire must pursue Maisie’s kidnapper. Meanwhile, Ellie and Alan forced to dive back into the dinosaur area at Ian’s invitation. The Biosyn company, which currently handles a number of dinosaurs in its sanctuary, accused of misusing science for greed which invites the destruction of the ecosystem on earth.

Jurassic World Dominion a sci-fi action film by Colin Trevorrow which released by Universal Pictures on June 10 2022. As the conclusion of the second trilogy about the disaster of dinosaurs in the modern era, this film tries to bring back nostalgia and increase the level of action. For this reason, Trevorrow returned to the director’s chair after the quality of the previous film, which directed by J.A. Bayona, experienced a decline compared to the first film.

But will this film, which shot at Pinewood Studios, meet everyone’s expectations? Read the following review first before watching the film.

Jurassic World Dominton

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Synopsis Jurassic World Dominton

Four years have passed since the evacuation of several types of dinosaurs from Isla Nublar to Lockwood Castle which ended with the release of these ancient animals into the wild. Owen and Claire now live together and care for Maisie in a remote place. They did all this so that Maisie’s whereabouts would not known by those who wanted her.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ellie Sattler is studying research related to an ancient locust outbreak that is destroying food crops in America. He came to Dr. Alan Grant to invite him to steal blood samples from the Biosyn laboratory, the company that now handles dinosaur habitats.

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Ellie suspects that Biosyn deliberately released the grasshoppers to create food chaos, so that their food products could dominate the market. Ellie and Alan finally left for Italy at the invitation of Dr. Ian Malcolm is one of the lecturers in the laboratory.

Jurassic World Dominton

Maisie rebels against Owen and Claire

Maisie, who does not accept treated in isolation, rebels against Owen and Claire. While riding her bicycle, Maisie kidnapped by a group of criminals led by Rainn Delacourt who also kidnap the baby of Blue, Owen’s raptor. They were then taken to Malta on the orders of Dr. Lewis Dodgson, head of Biosyn. With the help of the CIA, Owen and Claire try to carry out sabotage to get Maisie back. Owen confronts Delacourt at the black market, while Claire pursues Soyona Santos, Lewis’ accomplice.

Apparently Delacourt and Santos’ presence in Malta was just a diversion, while Maisie and the baby raptor had already arrived at the Biosyn laboratory.

Meanwhile, after getting an access bracelet from Ian, Ellie and Alan enter the forbidden laboratory. They managed to take a sample of the grasshopper’s blood before the emergency alarm went off due to Maisie’s escape. Ellie and Alan meet Maisie and are immediately rushed by Ramsay Cole, Lewis’ assistant who smells rot in his company.

Jurassic World Dominton

Owen and Claire managed to fly with the help of Kayla Watts

Owen and Claire managed to fly with the help of Kayla Watts to the Dolomites, a dinosaur sanctuary and Biosyn laboratory.

Even though they were separated because the plane was damaged, they were able to meet Maise, Ellie and Alan who managed to escape Lewis’ sabotage. Ian and Ramsay then joined forces to find a way out of that place. With all the dinosaurs released from their cages, including the carnivorous ones, they have to move quickly before it’s too late.

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How do they get out of the Biosyn facility? Did any of them fall victim to the ferocity of dinosaurs? The tension is increasing and you have to watch this film until the end to find the answer.