Synopsis Kiss the Series Comedy, Pink and Natural

Synopsis Kiss the Series. Because of watching together, I became addicted to watching Thai series. One of the dramas that I’m eyeing after Together is Dark Blue Kiss. GMMTV’s output is still the same, but with two different but no less cute leads, namely Tay Tawan Vihokratana and Newwiee Thitipoom.

But Dark Blue Kiss is the third series of the Kiss the Series series.

So the order of delivery is like this:

  • Kiss the Series
  • Kiss me again
  • Dark blue kiss

But the storyline is this:

  • Kiss me again
  • Kiss the Series
  • Dark blue kiss

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I will review Kiss the Series first, which I just finished watching. This series aired in 2016, so the makeup is still a bit old-school when compared to 2020, but Tay and Newwiee’s faces are still cute.

The story centers on the lives of two brothers, namely Sandrak (on the natural side) and Sandee (on the pink side). They are actually five brothers: Sancuay, Sanson, Sanwan, Sanrak, and Sandee. The story of Sancuay, Sanson, and Sanwan will be told in the Kiss the Series prequel, namely Kiss Me Again.

Synopsis Kiss the Series : PINK KISS

Sandee is an engineering student; the environment is dominated by men; Sandee has a small alley with Thada, June, Pete, and Kao as other members. Their friendship was fine at first, until one day after Pete’s birthday party, Sandee woke up naked in Thada’s bed. They were both naked.

They were both shocked right away. Because both of them were drunk, no one knows for sure what really happened between them. Because of this incident, Sandee and Thada’s relationship became increasingly tenuous, causing their 3 other friends to wonder:

Actually, Sandee and Thada like each other, but they prefer to maintain their friendship. Not only that, but there are many obstacles so that they can unite. There is Fahsai, Thada’s boyfriend, who becomes the antagonist in this series.

There is also Thada’s cousin, May, who has a mental illness. May has an unhealthy obsession with Thada. May often feels jealous of Sandee, which sometimes leads to impulsive actions towards Sandee. Meanwhile, Thew, Fahsai’s senior, who is attracted to Sandee, becomes Thada’s tough rival.

Throughout the series, Thada and Sandee rarely get sweet moments together; they mostly have to deal with parties who want to break their relationship. But yes, there are moments when the two of them are really memorable because the two lead actors have really good chemistry. Apart from that, the Thada-Sandee-June-Pete-Kao gang when they get together is really funny; how fun their friendship is makes this series more interesting.

Synopsis Kiss the Series : NATURAL KISS

Natural Kiss is centered on the life of Sandrak, who is looking for an internship. Na is a friend of Sancuay, Sandra’s older sister. Na, who is currently a guest lecturer at the Sandrak campus, offers Sandrak an internship at his office. If I’m not mistaken, Na owns a fashion magazine company.

Entering the world of work is not as easy as Sandrak imagined. Sandrak’s super reckless nature (sometimes going too far and making it annoying to watch) makes the company lose important investors. Fortunately, there is Khun Jane, who is super strict and trying to educate Sandrak to be more professional at work. Not only at work, Sandrak’s personal life is also chaotic because of his indecisive nature.

Sandrak has a girlfriend named First. And first, it’s just cheating. If you have a boyfriend like this, don’t kick him first. However, Sandrak unintentionally gave First three chances.What? That’s right, three times; just once shouldn’t be forgiven. That’s why I’m super annoyed with Sandrak’s story; sometimes I watch it on disk. Besides that, Sanrak is also not sensitive when P’Na pays attention to him.

What I like about this series:

June, Sandee, Thada, Pete, and Kao Our Gang is So Cool! I really like to laugh at the gang jargon of Sandee et al. Seriously, this is the only part of their gang that keeps you watching Kiss the Series. I’m also studying engineering, just like Sandee, so I really know what it’s like to study in this male-dominated major. Slightly related to Sandee.
Thada and Shandee, it’s true that Mek and Mild have really good chemistry—no wonder they are often paired in other series.

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