Synopsis Halloween 4 Ends, End of the Brutality of Michael Myers

Synopsis Halloween 4 Ends – After the brutality of Michael Myers in 2018, the city of Haddonfield has experienced many sadistic murders committed by its residents. But never seen any trace of Michael Myers. Four years later, he showed up and was back hunting Laurie Strode.

Halloween Ends is a slasher film by David Gordon Green which was released by Universal Pictures on October 14, 2022. Closing the Halloween trilogy produced by Blumhouse, this film is also the 13th film in this horror franchise full of sad scenes.

Does this film have a quality worthy of closing the adventure story of 4 decades of Michael Myers? Check out the following review which will thoroughly review this film.

Synopsis Halloween 4 Ends

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Synopsis Halloween 4 Ends

It has been four years since Michael Myers has not been seen. The incident on Halloween night in 2018, the residents of Haddonfield still cannot forget. There have been several incidents of murder committed by its citizens as a traumatic effect of the brutality of Michael Myers. Laurie Strode is now trying to forget her obsession with Michael Myers. He bought a house in town and lives with Allyson, his granddaughter.

One day, Allyson is treating a wound on Corey’s hand due to the bullying practices carried out by Jeremy and his friends. Since that meeting at the hospital, Allyson has been unable to forget Corey. Allyson then takes Corey to a Halloween party where she gets into a fight with Jeremy’s mother. Corey leaves the party and meets Jeremy and his friends again. Jeremy throws Corey off the bridge.

Synopsis Halloween 4 Ends

Corey’s body was pulled into the Sewer Hole

Suddenly Corey’s body was pulled by someone and took him to a sewer hole. When he woke up, Corey saw Michael Myers there and then ran away.

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Outside the sewers, Corey encounters a homeless grandfather who attacks him with a knife, but Corey manages to kill him. This is Corey’s second murder after he was previously convicted of killing the child he was guarding on Halloween night three years ago.

While having dinner with Allyson, Corey gets into an argument with Allyson’s ex-boyfriend who taunts him. Corey goes into the sewers followed by Doug, Allyson’s ex-boyfriend. Michael Myers then kills Doug in front of Corey, who is now possessed by the butcher’s evil motivations.

Corey then commits murder at the doctor’s house who is Allyson’s lead at the hospital. The nurse who was with him was also killed by Michael Myers. Laurie smells suspicious signs from Corey who imitates Michael Myers’ behavior in his yard. Laurie forbids Corey from approaching Allyson, but instead Corey blames Laurie for the brutality of Michael Myers.

Synopsis Halloween 4 Ends

Synopsis Halloween 4 Ends: Corey is planning a murder

On Halloween night, Corey plans several murders. After snatching the mask from Michael Myers, he invites Jeremy and his friends to his workplace and then kills them one by one. Corey also killed his mother and the radio announcer who had kicked him out. Meanwhile, Allyson prepares to leave and blames her grandmother for Michael Myers’ brutality.

Corey approached Laurie’s house who knew of his arrival. But Corey stabbed himself in the neck. When Laurie pulled the knife from Corey’s neck, Allyson came after a long time waiting for Corey at the café and misunderstood what he saw. Allyson then leaves in a rage.

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Suddenly Michael Myers came to take his mask back and killed Corey. Laurie is forced to face her nightmares alone once again.

Can Laurie complete her revenge and heal the trauma that has been haunting her all along? Or did Michael Myers survive to spread his terror again? Keep watching the tension of this film until the end, okay!