Synopsis of Poseidon Film Adventure, Disaster on a Luxury Ship

Poseidon Adventure Synopsis – New Year’s Eve with loved ones is definitely what many people want, let alone spending time on a brand new luxury cruise ship. Wow, what a dream! But what happens if you’re having a party and suddenly the cruise ship you’re on hit by a big wave that suddenly appears and makes the ship flip 360 degrees?

You can see this spooky experience in the film made by the famous director Wolfgang Petersen, entitled Poseidon. Based on a novel entitled The Poseidon Adventure by Paul Gallico, this film considered the closest to the previous film that released in 1972. Because there are several films with the same title, it sometimes confuses many viewers.

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Synopsis Poseidon Film Adventure

Departing from Southampton, England, the luxury cruise liner Poseidon sets sail for New York in December, just after Christmas.

All ship passengers are looking forward to returning to the second celebration on board, namely New Year’s Eve, which will held overnight in the ship’s super duper magnificent main ballroom. Party? Cocktails? Champagne? It is definitely provided continuously.

Among the thousands of passengers is Robert Ramsey (Kurt Russell). Robert himself is a former firefighter and retired mayor of New York who rides the Poseidon to return after a holiday in England with his only daughter, Jennifer (Emmy Rossum), and his lover Christian (Mike Vogel), who will propose to Jennifer on New Year’s Eve. On board, there is also a single mother named Maggie (Jacinda Barrett) along with her son Conor (Jimmy Bennett), who close to a handsome man named Dylan (Josh Lucas).

Synopsis Poseidon Adventure

Synopsis Poseidon Film Adventure: Heartbroken architect

In addition, there is an architect who heartbroken because his gay partner broke up with him, Richard (Richard Dreyfuss), and a stowaway named Elena (Mia Maestro), who brought on board thanks to her boyfriend, who works as a waiter, Marco (Freddy Rodriguez).

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As night fell, all the passengers were in the ballroom enjoying the party and dancing together. In the monitoring room, the captain and crew felt something was wrong because the sea was too calm. Sure enough, after the countdown was over and into the new year, waves hundreds of feet high appeared towards the Poseidon ship. Without mercy, the waves beat the ship from the front to the back.

Synopsis Poseidon Adventure

The captain tries to maneuver.

The captain’s attempt to maneuver when the waves came in vain; the front of the ship lifted up and finally overturned. The waves only subsided after hitting the ship, which eventually capsized. Trapping all the passengers, they can’t go anywhere because the entire lower part is an armored, sealed area.

Richard, who is an architect, immediately realized that the Poseidon ship would not last long, even if it floated upside down. Gradually, the air will run out and the water will rush in.

Finally, Richard, Maggie, Conor, Dylan, Marco the butler, and Robert ignore the captain, who orders everyone to remain silent in the ballroom, desperately climbing downstairs, which is above them, to save their lives.

Synopsis Poseidon Adventure

Synopsis Poseidon Film Adventure: Robert meets his daughter.

On the way to the engine room, Robert again encounters his daughter Jennifer, Christian’s girlfriend Elena, and a drunk named Lucky (Kevin Dillon), who is trapped in a disco room. Together, they all find a way up to the engine room. The journey up required a lot of hard work. Because, apart from being confusing, a lot of debris is scattered and endangers them.

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One by one, the survivors began to fall. Some fell, hit steel floors, drowned, and others Not to mention that the ballroom sank when there was an explosion, making water enter even more. One way is to get out through the bow thruster gap and the rudder propeller, which is at the front of the ship. They have to get there before the engine room explodes and drowns Poseidon.