Synopsis and Cast of White House Down Movie

White House Down Movie – State leaders have their own residence provided for them to work properly. In that place, the President or Prime Minister will hold a meeting or meet with certain figures. There are also rooms to rest and do other daily activities.

In the United States, the White House is the residence of the President. Equipped with first-class security makes the White House a difficult place for just anyone to enter. In the movie White House Down, the White House attacked by a group of terrorists. What’s the motive? Let’s look at the synopsis and review of the film White House Down together.

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Synopsis White House Down Movie

John Cale is a former military man who served in Afghanistan. Upon his return to America, he appointed bodyguard to the Presidential Spokesperson, Eli Raphelson. His appointment was not without reason, Cale saved Raphelson’s nephew when he was still in the military.

The success of getting a job was not in line with Cale’s personal life. His marriage to Melanie ended in divorce. Even so, Cale tried to maintain a relationship with his daughter, Emily. Occasionally Melanie would give Cale a chance to spend time with Emily. One day, Cale took Emily for a tour of the White House.

On the same day, he will be having a job interview to become the Presidential Guard. He intends to impress the child with his achievements. Carol Finnerty, the Head of the Special Agent was the one who was interviewing Cale. Despite having known each other before, Finnerty decided that Cale was not a competent person to take in.

White House Down Movie

Terrorists Explode A Bomb

A group of terrorists broke into the White House and detonated a bomb. To anticipate terrorist members escaping, a lockdown status enforced in Washington DC. Building security members can easily overpowered by terrorists. The Presidential staff and tourists trapped inside the White House and taken hostage by them.

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The attack on the White House carried out by former Delta Force member Emil Stenz. The tourists are put in a room. Cale who there managed to escape. He then looks for Emily who got separated from the group. Emily, who was in the toilet when the attack occurred, recorded the incident on her cell phone and uploaded it to YouTube.

The President of America, James Sawyer, is rescued by former secret agent, Martin Walker. Walker takes Sawyer into a secret bunker. However, Walker kills Sawyer’s bodyguards one by one. He also claimed to be the mastermind behind the terrorist attack. He wants revenge because his son died on a military mission that was not calculated properly in Iran.

White House Down Movie

Walker gets Help from NSA Members

Cale who was eavesdropping on Walker and Sawyer’s conversation managed to barge in. He kills Walker’s bodyguard then takes Sawyer off. Walker enlists the help of NSA member Skip Tyler to hack into security systems.

He wanted to use a nuclear trigger that only the president could access. Carl Killick, Walker’s accomplice, manages to catch Emily and takes her hostage. Cale and Sawyer manage to contact security at the Pentagon while Finnerty uses the video Emily recorded to identify the perpetrators of the attack.

Cale and Sawyer managed to get into the limousine they were going to use to leave the White House. Unfortunately, their efforts were caught by Stenz who immediately chased and blew up the car.

White House Down Movie

Cale and Sawyer Managed to Escape Death

Cale and Sawyer managed to escape death. Walker declared that the President was dead. This resulted in the reins of head of state shifting to the Vice President, Alvin Hammond. Hammond immediately mobilized military forces to take over the White House.

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These attempts always fail because Walker’s men manage to hack into the security system and destroy the incoming military aid. Sawyer chooses to turn himself in to Walker in order to free Emily.

Walker asks Sawyer to activate the nuclear trigger to blow up several cities in Iran. This goes against Sawyer’s wish to improve relations with countries in the Middle East. Can Cale save his country from becoming a trigger for the third World War?