Synopsis of Purple Rain Movie, Prince’s Big Screen Debut

Synopsis of Purple Rain Movie – Purple Rain features an artist whose full name is Prince Rogers Nelson as the main star. This Netflix film also shows the acting talent of Prince, who plays a singer named The Kid.

In addition, several scenes in this film present a series of concerts that Prince has undertaken throughout his musical career. After its release, Purple Rain won an Oscar in the Best Original Song Score category and earned revenues of around 72 million dollars worldwide.

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Synopsis of Purple Rain Movie

The Kid a vocalist in a band called The Revolution from the city of Minneapolis. In his family life, he has a father and mother who are often rude to him. The Kid spends every day practicing music, and in the evenings he always appears at the First Avenue nightclub with his band.

Inside the nightclub, there are three bands that always get a chance to perform; they include The Revolution, The Time, and The Modernaires. One of The Time’s personnel, Morris Day, realized that band members from The Revolution, Wendy, and Lisa were annoyed by the attitude shown by The Kid. Seeing the conflict, Morris instigated the owner of First Avenue, Billy Sparks, to replace The Revolution with a girl group that he would form.

Morris then chose his girlfriend. The kid named Apollonia to the leader of the girl band he formed. He started lying and told Apollonia that The Kid didn’t want to help with his project because he too focused on his own career.

Apollonia became the leader of the girl group.

Apollonia then agreed to become the leader of the girl group, which would later known as Apollonia 6. She later met The Kid to tell him about it. However, the boyfriend became angry and slapped him quite hard.

Meanwhile, while on First Avenue, The Kid already felt a split in his band. On stage, he appears out of control and even humiliates his girlfriend, Apollonia, in front of the audience. The incident made Apollonia cry and angered Morris Day. A disappointed Billy then approached The Kid and said that he had wasted his musical talent because he brought personal problems onto the stage.

The shabby kid then came home, realizing his mistake. Upon arrival, he shocked to realize that his mother had disappeared somewhere and that his father had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

He stressed because of the incident and went to the basement to vent his frustration. The next morning, The Kid took a cassette containing the track “Slow Groove,” composed by Wendy and Lisa.

The creation of the song Purple Rain

From the composition of the track, he then created a song called “Purple Rain,” which dedicated to his late father. Then he brought the song when The Revolution performed again on First Avenue. When the song ended, The Kid rushed off the stage and intended to go on his motorcycle.

Before he disappeared, the audience’s response turned out to be very happy for the song Purple Rain, which was so emotional. The Kid discouraged him from leaving; he then returned to First Avenue and was immediately greeted with joy by all the spectators, including Apollonia, Bill, and Morris.

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