Synopsis of the Action Comedy Film National Security (2003)

Synopsis National Security – Being a security officer is not an easy job. There are huge risks at stake. They can get hurt or even risk their lives when carrying out their duties. Therefore, security officers must have special abilities, especially when faced with difficult situations.

In their duties, security officers can be a component that helps the police as an authorized officer. In fact, it is not impossible, before the police arrive, it is the security officers who directly deal with criminals. In the film National Security, there are two security officers who try to become heroes by solving a big case. You can read the story in the synopsis and review of the film below.

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Synopsis National Security

Hank Rafferty and Charlie Reed are two members of the LAPD who investigate a warehouse containing stolen goods. While chasing the thieves, Charlie died because he shot.

Meanwhile, Earl Montgomery is a young man who is trying to become a police officer through the police academy. Unfortunately, that wish destroyed because of Earl’s actions in blowing up a police car during the selection process. Hank warned by his superior, Detective Frank McDuff, to no longer investigate the case that killed Charlie. While on duty outside, he saw Earl trying to unlock the car by sticking his hand out of the window.

Suspicious of a car theft, Hank approached Earl. Hank tries to question Earl to see whether Earl committed theft or not.

Earl even angered Hank by accusing Hank of being racist. Hank tries to catch Earl but Earl frightened by the bees as he allergic to bees.

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Earl was taken into custody by the police

Hank tries to chase away the bees using his stick. A resident recorded the action and it looked as if Hank was trying to beat Earl. Earl taken into custody by the police. He stated that Hank attacked him until his face bruised, even though he stung by a bee. Hank denied the accusation, but evidence in the form of video said otherwise. As a result, Hank charged with assaulting civilians and thrown into prison for six months.

Hank works as a security guard

After leaving prison, Hank worked as a security guard. His new job doesn’t stop him from investigating Charlie’s death. While on duty, Hank approaches a warehouse where the alarm is sounding. It turned out that Earl worked for the same security company and was on duty at the warehouse too.

Hank, who investigates the warehouse, has to face a group of thieves. Earl tries to help but the gang of thieves manages to escape. Hank and Earl try to work together to chase down a gang of thieves. On the road, they were both stopped by the police for driving above the posted speed.

Hank and Earl find a cell phone belonging to one of the thieves’ gang. They started tracking where the thief was operating. The clues lead to a truck containing drums. While investigating the drum, the alarm on the truck went off. A shootout with the gang of thieves ensued. Hank and Earl manage to escape using the truck.

Hank and Earl investigate the contents of the truck

Hank and Earl investigate the contents of the truck. There dozens of beer storage drums which are apparently made from metal alloys worth millions of dollars. Confused about finding a safe place, Hank takes the truck to the house of his ex-girlfriend, Denise. Denise herself broke off relations with Hank after Hank arrested by the police.

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From the various clues available, Hank and Earl begin to realize that there are parties from the police who are collaborating with criminals. They also started looking for owner data on the truck.

In the evening, the two of them carried out surveillance at the truck owner’s house. It turned out there was someone from the police they knew. Who is he? Can Hank and Earl solve the case they are investigating?