Synopsis of the Ambulance Movie Starring Jake Gyllenhaal – Synopsis Ambulance Movie. One of the big screen movie actors, Jake Gyllenhaal, appears to be a villain after playing in the film Spider-Man: Far From Home. Now, the actor plays in the film Ambulance.

The actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, will play with Yahya Abdul Mateen II. According to the synopsis, the film Ambulance is an action film as well as a comedy. In the film, Ambulance tells the story of a brother and sister who rob a bank in Los Angeles, United States.

synopsis ambulance movie

Not only are the two famous actors in the film Ambulance, but there are other stars, namely Eiza Gonzales, Jackson White, and Keir O’Donnel. In the synopsis of the film Ambulance, directed by Michael Bay, He is also the figure behind the success of the films Bad Boys, Armageddon, and a number of the Transformers series.

For the synopsis of the Ambulance film, it will be more interesting to see the action made by Michael Bay. The synopsis of the film Ambulance indicates that it is also a nuanced comedy.

Ambulance Movie Synopsis

Will Sharp (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) is a former soldier who is going through a financial crisis. He needed a lot of money for his wife’s surgery. Will, who is in a state of flux, seeks help from his adoptive brother, Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal).

Danny is a robber who has made a career in the underworld for many years. He invites Will to participate in the next action, which is claimed to be the biggest bank robbery in LA. The target is $32 million in cash.

synopsis ambulance movie

In order to save his wife’s life, Will accepts Danny’s offer and goes into action. Unfortunately, the robbery that occurred was not as smooth as expected. Desperate, the two brothers hijack an ambulance with a dying cop inside and a medic, Cam Thomson (Eiza Gonzalez).

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Will and Danny try to escape until they get involved in a chase with law enforcement. They must keep their hostages alive and try not to kill each other. Their only goal is to go home.

Surprising Plot Twist

As explained in the previous point, the core of Ambulance’s story is how the robber brothers try to avoid being chased by the police by using an ambulance. So don’t be surprised if most of the scenes show a long car chase between the police and the robbers’ brothers.

synopsis ambulance movie

With a film duration of 2 hours and 16 minutes, the chase scene shown in Ambulance can be said to be quite long-winded. As a result, during the chase, you can find scenes, dialogues, and jokes that don’t really matter. It would be better if this film had a shorter duration because the story shown is not too complex.

Even though the middle of the film is a bit long-winded, luckily the third act or closing of this film is arguably not disappointing. Ambulance closes with a quite surprising plot twist. Plus, there are emotional scenes that make you sympathize with certain characters even more. At least, the dizzying camera effects and the long-winded pursuit are quite forgivable with the ending of the film.