Synopsis Of The Core Movie Cast – The Core Movie Cast. Synopsis The Core: In 2003, the world of film, shocked by action, drama, and sci-fi genre films. A film titled The Core is at the end of planet Earth. The film The Core was first released on March 23, 2003.

The film The Core worked on by a reliable and imaginative director named Jon Amiel. Meanwhile, in the process of production and distribution of this film, we collaborated with a large company, namely Paramount Pictures. There is a collaboration that exists between Paramount Pictures and several famous people, such as David Foster, Cooper Layne, and Sean Bailey.

John Rogers, who collaborated with Cooper Layne, entrusted with writing the script for the first installment of The Core. As for music and cinematography, Christopher Young and John Lindley are in charge.

Synopsis Of The Core Movie Cast

The characters in the film The Core played by several famous actors and actresses, such as Aaron Eckhart and Hillary Swank. Besides them, there are also Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci, Tchéky Karyo, Bruce Greenwood, DJ Qualls, Alfre Woodard, Richard Jenkins, and Fred Ewanick.

In this film, Aaron Eckhart plays Dr. Joshua Keyes, a scientist and professor at the University of Chicago. Hillary Swank stars as Major Rebecca Childs. Delroy Lindo plays Dr. Edward Brazzelton, the designer of Virgil and the ultrasonic laser. Stanley Tucci plays Dr. Conrad Zimky. Tchéky Karyo plays Dr. Serge Leveque, a nuclear weapons specialist.

Bruce Greenwood, as Commander Robert Bob Iverson DJ Qualls is Theodore Donald Finch, the best hacker in the world. Alfe Woodard as Stickman Stickley Richard Jenkins starred as Lieutenant General Thomas Purcell, and most recently, Fred Ewanuck played the Endeavor Flight Engineer.

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The Core Movie Cast and Synopsis

Synopsis Of The Core Movie Cast

The film The Core tells the story of the survival of planet Earth, which is on the verge of destruction, aka doomsday. The planet Earth that we have lived on is getting old and fragile.

Various strange things that sometimes cause disasters cannot avoided. The first strange occurrence occurred when 32 people died at the same time for no apparent reason. Of course, this caused a stir, especially since it known that they had no symptoms of a serious illness.

Some strange and unreasonable things also continue. There is a group of pigeons that usually fly freely but suddenly seem to not know their direction. Most of the flying pigeons suddenly hit the pillars and walls in front of them.

Besides that, the appearance of the aurora phenomenon in the sky However, the aurora appears in several areas where it not supposed to be. This supposedly beautiful phenomenon has become an oddity that has shocked the public.

Synopsis Of The Core Movie Cast

It’s not enough here; even bigger disasters continue to hit. So these three strange phenomena are just the forerunners of something more serious. Not a few people also think that this is the beginning of the end of the world, which humans can only accept without doing anything.

But there is one opinion that breaks all the public’s fears. A theory from a genius scientist named Dr. Josh He said that the cause of all this was because the earth’s core had stopped moving.

It is this cause that causes the balance on planet Earth to be broken, resulting in various severe disasters. If the earth’s core is left like that, then the end of the world is only a matter of time.

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To restore the condition of the universe, several people were chosen to carry out a mission. The mission that sends them to the core of planet Earth

Then how the mission they do?  Will they succeed in carrying out their mission?