Synopsis and Cast Profile 365 Days, Full Hot Scenes ?

Thelongestfilm – Synopsis and Cast 365 Days. Have you watched the movie 365 Days, which is currently being discussed? 365 Days a film from Poland that was produced in three languages, namely Polish, Italian, and English. This film is much more erotic than the previous erotic films, namely the Fifty Shades trilogy, namely Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed.

Synopsis and Cast Profile 365 Days

Because 365 Days also features many intimate scenes with the main character, This film has been running on the Netflix streaming service since June 2020.

The film itself is based on the first novel of the trilogy of relationship sagas, entitled “365 Dni”, written by Blanka Lipiska, then turned into a visual drama by directors Barbara Biaows and Tomasz Mandes.

Movie Synopsis 365 Days

The synopsis of the film 365 Days tells the story of a woman from Warsaw who framed by a mafia leader for a year. Quoted from IMDB, the story of this film begins with the death of a Mafia boss from Sicily, which makes the heir, Massimo Torricelli, hold a grudge against the woman he saw during the tragic incident.

365 Days

Five years later, Massimo managed to find the woman named Laura and tried to turn her into a prisoner for 365 days. Initially, Laura considered a sex slave, but over time, she managed to make Massimo fall in love.

Not only that, Massimo was jealous when Laura touched by another man. Massimo’s dominant and protective nature also became a special attraction for Laura, who started to like being around this burly man.

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After going through a relationship full of manipulation and rough sex, Massimo finally proposes to Laura and promises to keep his work as a mafia secret from Laura’s family. However, of course, this relationship did not go well. Massimo’s mafia family being attacked by other mafia families.

Because the part of the book that has the continuation ending of the film 365 Days ends up hanging, Laura experiences an accident on her way. Massimo was crying too.

365 Days: A Movie Sequel

The second part of the trilogy entitled Ten Dzien, which means “This Day”. The story begins with Massimo saving Laura from evil kidnappers. After the rescue, Laura and Massimo got engaged, then married. They live a glamorous life.

365 Days: A Movie Sequel

But this happiness did not last long. Laura kidnapped by Mafia boss Marcelo “Nacho” Matos. In these days of kidnapping, the funny thing is that Laura starts to fall in love with Nacho instead. They were not spared there sex between them.

In the end, a forbidden love triangle occurs between Laura, Nacho, and Massimo. This sequel also features Massimo’s evil double, Adriano.

365 Days Movie Cast Profile

As mentioned above, here are some of the 365 Days movie players.

1. Michelle Morone

Synopsis and Cast 365 Days

Michelle Morone has a handsome face typical of Italian men, and her athletic and proportional body has become a valuable asset in her film career.

Born in Melegnano on October 3, 1990, Michele Morrone started her career at a small theater in her area and eventually succeeded in becoming the main actor in several stage productions held at the theater. For four years, Morrone started his career in the film world through several TV series, mini-series, and TV films and also played in short films. After a lot of struggling in several TV programs.

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Until finally he trusted to become the main character in the 2019 film Bar Joseph as Luigi. Then he supported the popular TV series in Italy entitled Medici, even though there were only two episodes.

Before the success of the film 365 Days, which became one of Netflix’s film recommendations, Morrone’s acting could already seen in the series The Trial, a crime drama with a trial setting that had eight episodes in season 1. His character as Claudio Cavalleri might return in Season 2 later.

2. Anna Maria Sieklucka

Synopsis and Cast 365 Days

Acting as Laura, Anna Maria Sieklucka successfully made her acting debut on the big screen with the film 365 days. This woman, who was born in Lublin on May 31, 1992, has just acted in a TV series whose title is a bit hard to pronounce, Na Dobre i Na Zle. However, Maria is only a guest star in a TV series that tells about drama in a hospital.

However, for a debutant in a feature film, Sieklucka’s acting is quite good, given her limited playing time. At the beginning of the film, he did not speak much dialogue and only relied on gestures and facial expressions, which showed more high emotion because he being held hostage by Massimo.

The movement of feelings from emotion to love also not felt by us as spectators. Her motivation for submitting and starting to develop that feeling towards Massimo very unclear and cannot explained in a straightforward manner, either by Sieklucka or by the directorial duo Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes as the directors of this film.

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Her beautiful face is indeed a mainstay in  her film career. But that’s not all, you know! It turns out he is a graduate of the AST National Academy of Theater Arts. This should be his main capital because he studied acting officially and was not self-taught. Plus, he can also speak four foreign languages, namely Polish, English, French, and German.

According to, 365 Days is the most watched film on Netflix in several countries, including Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, South Africa, Portugal, India, the United Arab Emirates, England, Mauritius, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, and the United States.