Synopsis the Blind Movie, The Love Journey a Blind Novel Writer

The synopsis for the Blind Movie will discussed in this The Longest Film article. This film a drama of the genre released in 2016, directed by Michael Mailer, and starring Alec Baldwin, Demi Moore, Viva Bianca, Dylan McDermott, and James McCaffrey.

The story of a novelist who blinded by a car accident that killed his wife rediscovers his passion for life and writing when he has an affair with the abandoned wife of an indicted businessman. This film received a lot of positive and negative criticism from film critics and received a rating of 5.8/10 on the official IMDb website.

the blind movie

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Blind Movie Synopsis

This film tells of a woman named Suzanne Dutchman (Demi Moore), who seems to be a happy wife. Her husband, Mark (Dylan McDermott), is a businessman who often travels abroad and is very famous.

One day, at a dinner party, Mark is talking to a client, Howard (James McCaffrey), about a deal while Suzanne is talking to her close friend, Deanna (Viva Bianca). As Suzanne and Mark driving home, it revealed that the couple not feeling well. Howard caught by an undercover female agent for drug use and handling, which uncovers the many issues Mark is involved in. Mark later arrested, and Suzanne faced charges for supporting him in his actions.

The judge then sympathizes with Suzanne, mentioning that he understands that Suzanne was not aware of her husband’s actions and only sentenced him to 100 hours of community service. After that, Suzanne fulfilled her court order by reading to a blind man named Bill Oakland (Alec Baldwin), an English writer and lecturer. On the other hand, it turns out that Suzanne is developing feelings for Bill, and when she finds out about her husband’s infidelity case, she finally gets closer to him.

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What’s the full story? Will Suzanne finally be able to confess her feelings to Bill?

the blind movie

Two Meanings of “Blind” in One Story

From the title and the poster, we definitely suspect that this film will focus on the physical blindness of the character played by Alec Baldwin, but it turns out that there is another meaning taken from the psychological side of Suzanne. At first, Bill thought that Suzanne was just a woman who tempted by her husband’s abundant wealth without having a mind of her own. With her husband doing illegal business and arrested for it, Suzanne tries not to care about all the dirty things her husband does. This is the blind meaning from Suzanne’s side.

Despite having a philosophical meaning that is actually quite promising as story material, the script written by the director’s younger brother, John Buffalo Mailer, is running slowly. In fact, this film also contains several side stories that half-hearted, which makes the focus of the story a little divided.

the blind movie

Review the Blind Movie….

There are several story elements that make a little bit of sense from beginning to end of the film, one of the oddest being replacing Gavin with Suzanne to become a reader for Bill. Even though it was common sense, Gavin, who idolized Bill, voluntarily took on the task, and he had good reading skills. Meanwhile, Suzanne wanted to do it because she had to.

But there would no love story if Suzanne not accepted by Bill at the expense of Gavin. The reason given was that Bill preferred to hear women’s voices. However, Gavin did not just get rid of it. She remains involved in Bill’s life as a weekly assistant in his house and a student in his class.

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On several occasions, there are things that actually don’t affect the storyline if they not shown, namely showing Demi Moore’s body wearing only underwear. And the most absurd thing is that while reading to Bill, Suzanne felt hot and took off her clothes. Does this film want to be taken in the direction of erotica?