Synopsis of the film Snafu (Project X-Traction) (2023)

Project X-Traction – The synopsis of the film Hidden Strike will be discussed in this article. The film Hidden Strike is an action film starring two action film maestros, Jackie Chan and John Cena. Apart from that, this film also stars Pilou Asbaek, Rachael Holloway, Zhenwei Wang, Ming Hao Hou, Max Huang, and Amadeus Serafini.

The film Hidden Strike is a film directed by Scott Waugh, the director behind a series of successful films such as Need for Speed in 2014 and 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain in 2017. Meanwhile, the script was written by Arash Amel. Hidden Strike is a film produced by XYZ Films and has been showing in cinemas since July 6 2023. However, this film is also known as S.N.A.F.U or Project X-traction, The Furious Sandstorm.

Project X-Traction

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Synopsis of the film Hidden Strike (Project X-Traction)

The film Hidden Strike tells the story of two former special forces soldiers named Luo Feng and Chris Van Horne. They received a special mission to escort a group of civilians working at an oil refinery in Baghdad, Iraq. Initially, Luo Feng had to escort the civilians to a safe location (green zone) from terrorist attacks. However, this turned into a very tense atmosphere of war.

The battle broke out when Luo Feng took the group out of a dangerous oil refinery, with 11 buses. Passing through a famous route in Baghdad called the “Highway of Death”.

The bus that was blocked by mercenaries

Unfortunately, in the middle of the road, the buses were blocked by mercenaries, making the two buses behind them end up being held hostage by the mercenaries. By successfully taking Professor Chen hostage, along with five other hostages. As a result, Luo Feng had to free Professor Chen along with five other hostages. Their actions were carried out using a helicopter, hunting for mercenaries.

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Project X-Traction

Their mission was successful when they found that the army, led by Chris Van Horne, was paralyzed. Even the two buses held hostage were successfully evacuated.

However, this did not work, because Professor Chen was still held hostage by the mercenaries. When Chris Van Horne brought the hostages before someone paid them. Apparently he knew him closely, so he was angry with his younger brother, because he felt he was being used. So Chris Van Horne decided to leave the mercenaries and his younger brother.

Chris Van Horne’s younger brother dies

But not long after, his younger brother rebelled a little against the people paying them. So Chris Van Horne’s younger brother was shot and died. Luo Feng continued to chase Chris Van Horne, because he was considered part of the mercenaries. Until he arrived at a small village in Baghdad, a place Chris loved. From here the two met, Luo Feng accused Chris of being the mastermind behind taking five hostages and Professor Chen. Luo Feng followed Chris secretly when he returned to the mercenary’s location.

When he arrived there, his younger brother had apparently been shot dead, he regretted it and intended to take revenge. But in the middle of that moment, Luo Feng suddenly came with a weapon, to kill Chris Van Horne. This action was thwarted by Chris when the two of them had a big fight. In the midst of it appeared, mercenaries and opened fire on the two. Luckily both of them managed to survive and teamed up to kill the mercenaries. But they were attacked by mercenaries in a small village in Baghdad. The reason is, the soldiers targeted Professor Chen’s flash disk and cellphone, which contained oil refinery codes.

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The attack caused a number of buildings to collapse and the mercenaries managed to take the flash disk and cellphone in Professor Chen’s bag.

Project X-Traction

Big battle

Not accepting the attack, Luo Feng and Chris Van Horne planned to attack the oil refinery, which was previously controlled by mercenaries. The two came in a steel car, breaking through the door blocked by the mercenaries. As a result, a great war broke out at the oil refinery, resulting in a number of mercenaries being killed by Luo Feng and Chris Van Horne. Even people paying the mercenaries were forced to leave the oil refineries.

Luo Feng managed to save Professor Chen and his son, but Chris decided to go after the people who paid the mercenaries and escaped.

After his mission to save Professor Chen was completed, Luo Feng decided to pursue, paying mercenaries. As a result, their mission was successful, four tankers containing oil were blown up in the middle of the desert and the people paying the mercenaries were killed.