Synopsis & Review Film Orphan: First Kill

Thelongestfilm.comOrphan: First Kill. In 2009, the film Orphan was released in theaters and succeeded in spreading terror against dwarfs who brought havoc to a family. Feeling the need for an initial story on how the dwarf could exist, director William Brent Bell finally decided to make a prequel to this psychological-horror genre film.

The story goes back two years before the events in Orphan (2009) took place. Leena Klammer (Isabelle Fuhrman) is the main character in this film. She is a stunted woman who is very dangerous and able to manipulate circumstances with her circumstances and bring terror to everyone.

Synopsis Orphan: First Kill

Leena Klammer (Isabelle Fuhrman) is a 31-year-old woman who has a super-rare hormonal disorder known as hypopituitarism. The disorder makes Leena look more like a 9-year-old than a grown woman. He is known for his horrific crimes.

This made him enter a mental hospital, namely the Saarne Institute in Estonia. One time, a woman named Anna (Gwendolyn Collins), who is an art therapist, asked to work there. But Anna saw that Leena’s behavior was terrible, like that of a psychopath. He finally backed off.

Taking advantage of Anna’s departure back to the city center, Leena strategizes to escape from the institute by seducing the cell guard, killing him, and creating chaos at the main entrance of the building. After successfully escaping by hiding in Anna’s car, he kills the poor woman and starts his action.

He searched a list of missing children who looked like him and succeeded. Leena found an American girl named Esther Albright who went missing in 2003. She also stole the child’s identity and sought the attention of the police so that she could returned to her “parents” in the United States.

Messy Plot

If we have to compare which Orphan films are worth watching, chances are that many viewers will say that the 2009 Orphan film is better than this prequel. The horror idea that the writer painstakingly built from the 2009 film, namely Alex Mace, had to end badly in this film.

The plot that presented is super messy because of a plot twist that makes the psychopaths in this film multiply and attack each other. Not to mention that there are many scenes that feel hanging, so we will made to think about what that means. It’s no wonder that the film Orphan: First Kill has received a lot of harsh criticism.


The 2009 film Orphan really pissed off the audience, who wanted to kill Esther’s character, but when watching this film, the feeling of wanting to kill the character fades a little; instead, they tend to feel sorry for it. This is considering that the character Esther, alias Leena, in the film actually used by Tricia and Gunnar.

Leena forced to become Esther even though she no longer wants to be in the family, just to save Tricia’s big secret from the real Esther’s death. Even Leena also tried to finish off in order to keep her mouth shut. Instead of being a film of ‘Esther’ terror, this film is like Esther’s life struggle in the residence of other monsters.

Impressed Forced

This 99-minute film should have an exciting storyline, but unfortunately, this film turns out to like a storyline in a chase-run soap opera that must finished in a hurry and turn off the characters; and the ways in which these characters die are super ridiculous and not because of Esther/Leena.

Plus, Isabelle Fuhrman’s face, which forced to look young, becomes weird, and we can’t enjoy her ‘innocent’ face like in the 2009 film Orphan.

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