Synopsis & Review See How They Run – Inspector Stoppard and Constable Stalker investigate a murder that took place in a theater. The victim was an American director who was about to make a film adaptation of a famous London stage play.

The investigation began by interviewing the victims one by one, where they discovered the possibility of a dispute in the film business.

See How They Run is a mystery comedy film by Tom George, released by Walt Disney Pictures on September 16, 2022. Featuring a series of famous film stars wrapped in parody comedies, several real characters are also inserted into the storyline.

Murder mystery stories with the concept of whodunit and detective investigations that are full of twists seem to be in vogue right now. Then, does this film have a dense mystery like the others? To find out, see the following review, which thoroughly examines this film.

Synopsis: See How They Run

Synopsis & Review See How They Run

London, 1953. Agatha Christie’s play, The Mousetrap, has reached its 100th appearance. The entire production team and the cast threw a party to celebrate. Also present was Hollywood director Leo Kopernick, who wanted to convince producer John Woolf to choose him as the director of his film adaptation.

Trying to seduce the main character, Sheila Sim, Leo gets into a fight with Richard Attenborough, the male lead and Sheila’s husband. When he was about to change clothes backstage, Leo was attacked by a mysterious figure.

Inspector Stoppard is assigned to investigate this murder case. He is assisted by Constable Stalker, a new, inexperienced cop.

Stoppard intends to close the theater and interview people who attended the party and the production. But Commissioner Harold Scott intervened and vouched for witnesses until it was time to be interviewed.

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Stoppard and Stalker started in the hotel room where Leo was staying. From the hotel clerk, they received information that Leo had argued with Mervyn Cocker-Norris regarding the film script, which had undergone many changes. Evidenced by the existence of scraps of film script on the table.

They visited Mervyn and asked about it. Mervyn explained that he wanted to add action to the script as well as change the ending of the film. They also found half of the scrap film script found in Leo’s room.’

Mervyn said he saw a woman come in carrying Leo’s son. They find John Woolf, who confesses that he was being blackmailed by Leo because he saw his affair with Ann, his assistant.

That’s why Woolf put Leo in the luxurious Hotel Savoy room. They also interview the hotel concierge, Dennis, who provides useless information about a mysterious, suspicious figure the night of the party.

Slightly Neglected, Slick Performance

Synopsis & Review See How They Run

If you look at the row of cast names, you will be amazed by the presence of Oscar-class actors and actresses in it. Saoirse Ronan is certainly the main attraction of this film.

His acting never fails to color every film he stars in. Similarly, he appears in this film with a comical but not ridiculous character. Even though it’s funny, the smart impression of the character is still clearly visible.

Other names that have stolen attention are Adrien Brody and David Oyelowo. Their characters are the starting point of the conflict in the film, and they portray their respective characters very well.

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The classic Adrien Brody face is spot-on whenever he’s been in movies from a bygone era. Meanwhile, David Oyelowo appeared agile as a dandy man who was still considered taboo in his day.

Unfortunately, these two characters are victims in this case, so they don’t have much playing time. Meanwhile, the other actors who were asked for their testimony did not dig deeper.

Even though their acting is no less slick. This is one of the risks of presenting a story with many characters; there must be some who fall victim to the shallow characterization.

There is only one actor who actually looks good but looks miscast, namely Sam Rockwell. Playing as a British detective, his British accent is not visible because he is an American actor. Maybe it would be more appropriate if this character was played by an actor from England, like Ewan McGregor, for example.

This is enough to reduce our enthusiasm for watching movies with this usual cinematography. But fortunately, his chemistry with Saoirse Ronan is very solid, which is the strength of this film.