Synopsis Annabelle 2: Creation Movie, The Beginning of Annabelle

Annabelle Creation Movie. After being quite successful in making the first Annabelle film, New Line Cinema is now teaming up with director David F. Sandberg to make a spin-off prequel to The Conjuring. Namely, Annabelle 2: Creation. This time, James Wan stepped down from his directorial position but remained part of this film as a producer.

This film has a timeline going back years before the first Annabelle film came along. Tells about how Annabelle came into the world and her first case involving this handmade porcelain doll. Curious? Check out the synopsis and reviews below!

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Synopsis Annabelle Creation Movie

The film takes place in 1955. It is told that there lived a super happy little family that consisted of Samuel Mullins (Anthony LaPaglia), his wife Esther (Miranda Otto), and his only child, Annabelle Mullins (Samara Lee), who is often called Bee.

Samuel is a beautiful porcelain doll craftsman in a white Victorian dress with super cute makeup and two braids in his hair. This doll is selling well in the market because of its super cute shape and good quality, considering that this doll is really Samuel’s own handicraft without using a machine.

One day, the Mullins family was faced with a lifelong painful incident when Samuel and Esther’s child was run over by a car and died as a result of taking his father’s tire screw, which rolled onto the road. Both Samuel and Esther grieved deeply. They really missed Annabelle so much.

Annabelle Creation Movie

The Mullins family opens an orphanage.

12 years later, the Mullins’ super-large home is opened for some orphaned children who have lost their homes. Samuel allowed them to stay so that their house would be bustling again with the clatter of children. This was also done by Samuel to make his wife, Esther, who was sick, feel less lonely.

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The orphans consist of Janice (Talitha Bateman), who suffers from polio, so she has to be assisted by a crutch to stand and walk; Janice’s best friend Linda (Lulu Wilson); Carol (Grace Fulton); Nancy (Philippa Coulthard); Kate (Tayler Buke); and Tierney (Lou Lou Safran).

However, they are still looked after by a nurse from the orphanage named Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman). The six of them are really happy to be able to get a new house with full facilities that they can use; there is a library, a yard that is too wide, a big house, and so on.

Annabelle Creation Movie

Annabelle Creation Movie: Janice explores the Mullins’ home.

Once, Janice, who couldn’t move freely to play with her other friends, could only stay in her room. He was curious about the Mullins family home and began to explore it himself. Of the many rooms, there is one that cannot be opened. When Janice tries to peek, Samuel comes and warns her.

The more he is commemorated, the more reckless Janice is. He managed to find a way to get into the room. It turned out that the room belonged to Annabelle. There were lots of toys, and Janice was happy; she even found a cupboard key and opened it casually without knowing it would have super-fatal consequences.

Inside the cupboard is Annabelle’s porcelain doll, which is super evil and dangerous. The cupboard has been blessed and cannot be opened again, but on a whim, Janice instead opens the cupboard and releases the curse that has been locked tightly for years.

Annabelle Creation Movie

Terrorists began to arrive.

Long story short, everyone in the house was terrorized and completely haunted by an evil spirit. Even to the point of killing Esther. Sister Charlotte, who was frightened, then remembered one thing about the evil spirit. Before she died, Esther revealed her dark secret to Sister Charlotte.

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Esther said that she had lost Annabelle, so she made herself pray to whoever it was to make Annabelle come back. The evil spirit finally granted Esther’s wish; she made Annabelle come back to life.

Esther and Samuel were overjoyed. They could feel Annabelle’s presence again. Annabelle even asked that her spirit be able to enter her favorite porcelain doll.

Annabelle Creation Movie

The Annabelle doll turned evil.

Naas, after being granted, Annabelle turned into a super evil spirit. He harmed Esther and Samuel. Even made Esther disabled. Finally, Esther and her husband asked the priest for help to pray for the Annabelle doll and locked it in a cupboard with a note that it could not be opened again.

When Sister Charlotte finally tries to pray for the Annabelle doll, a fierce battle ensues. Annabelle is no less strong than Sister Charlotte, even though, in the end, Annabelle can be defeated. The police, who finally arrived, immediately secured the scene and took Sister Charlotte and the other children away from the house, except for Janice, who was missing somewhere.

Years later, Janice was finally found. He was relocated to an orphanage in Santa Monica. She changed her name to Annabelle and was eventually adopted by a husband and wife who really wanted a daughter. The family is named Higgins.