Synopsis The Bourne Supremacy, Trapped in CIA Conspiracy

Synopsis The Bourne Supremacy – The Bourne Supremacy is the second installment in the Jason Bourne franchise. The first film, The Bourne Identity (2002), was directed by Doug Liman, while the sequel was directed by Paul Greengrass with Tony Gilroy as the screenwriter.

Actor Matt Damon reprises his role as David Webb alias Jason Bourne, a CIA agent who suffers from amnesia. This time, Bourne is told to try to restore his past memories about Operation Treadstone. He also had to deal with a conspiracy carried out by the CIA.

Besides himself, The Bourne Supremacy also stars Joan Allen as Pamela Landy, a CIA Deputy Director, and Brian Cox as Ward Abbott, CIA Section Head in charge of Operation Treadstone. Then, there is actor Karl Urban who plays Kirill, a Russian assassin assigned to kill Bourne. What are the reviews like? Read on to the end, OK!

Synopsis The Bourne Supremacy

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Synopsis The Bourne Supremacy

Jason Bourne and his girlfriend, Marie Kreutz, are now living in India in hiding. During his hideout, Bourne keeps going through his old notebooks, and tries to remember his past as an assassin agent for the CIA.

In the city of Berlin, Germany, a CIA agent meets a Russian informant to make a transaction about the Neski file, a document containing Operation Treadstone data, and also the theft of 20 million dollars worth of money. Their meeting ends tragically because a Russian assassin, Kirill, manages to kill both of them, and steals the document.

Synopsis The Bourne Supremacy

Kirill pair Bourne’s fingerprints at the location of their meeting

Kirill then pair Bourne’s fingerprints at the location of their meeting to make it look like it was his doing. After discovering Bourne’s fingerprints, Pamela Landy, Deputy Director of the CIA, meets with Ward Abbott, Section Chief of the CIA, to inquire about Operation Treadstone which Bourne was involved in.

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Pamela believes that Bourne and the late Treadstone overseer, Alexander Conklin, were involved in the murders of Vladimir Neski’s family. Pamela and Abbott then gather troops and prepare to go to Berlin to capture Bourne.

Elsewhere, Yuri Gretkov, Kirill’s boss, asks him to go to India to kill Bourne. It turns out that Kirill’s arrival in the area where he lives is already known by Bourne. He then took Marie to escape. Kirill was following him from behind.

Synopsis The Bourne Supremacy

Kirill kills Marie

During the chase, Kirill kills Marie. He also made the car that Bourne was driving fall into the river. Kirill believes that Bourne has drowned. He then left the location. His suspicions turned out to be wrong, Bourne was able to survive and he immediately went to Italy. After passing through tight guard, Bourne then studied the lunge of Pamela Landy. He then flies to Germany to visit Jarda, the only surviving Treadstone agent besides himself.

After hearing his explanation, Jarda suddenly attacked Bourne. However, Bourne manages to incapacitate him first.

Bourne tailed Pamela and Abbott

Bourne then follows Pamela and Abbott when the two meet Nicky Parsons, a former Treadstone technician. At that moment, Bourne was sure that the CIA was hunting him again. He then contacted Pamela and demanded to meet with Nicky. Through information from Nicky, Bourne finds out that Abbott is Conklin’s boss.

Meanwhile, Danny Zorn, Conklin’s former assistant, explains data to Abbott that Bourne did not kill the CIA agent and the Russian informant. Abbott then kills Danny so that the real information doesn’t reach Pamela. After that, Bourne entered the Abbott hotel room. He later found out that Abbott and Yuri Gretkov had conspired.

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Abbott admits to Bourne that he and Gretkov ordered Kirill to take the file and frame him. He was also the one who arranged for Kirill to go to India to kill himself and Marie.