Synopsis The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Movie

Prince Caspian Movie – Narnia, a fictional world in which there are many creatures that children often imagine. In the world of Narnia, there are animals that can talk to humans with half horse bodies. Narnia had almost experienced destruction, but saved by four children from the human world.

They are the four Pevensie brothers who later crowned kings and queens of Narnia. After several years have passed, now they are back to that place. Come on, follow the adventures of Susan, Peter, Edmund, and Lucy when they return to Narnia to help Prince Caspian in the film The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian!

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Synopsis Movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

1300 years of Narnia time since the four Pevensies left Narnia. Narnia’s condition began to fall apart when the Telmarine people invaded. The four kings and queens of Narnia have become legends. When the four Narnia siblings leave for school by train, suddenly the train tunnel disappears and becomes the gateway to Narnia.

Arriving in Narnia, they saw the state of Narnia which was in a mess, including in Paravel which was their former palace. Apparently, they were summoned when Prince Caspian blew Susan’s horn. Prince Caspian is actually the heir to the Telmarine throne. But after King Telmarine killed, Lord Miraz tried to seize the throne.

Prince Caspian Movie

The Temarine Kingdom becomes the Cruel Kingdom

In the hands of Lord Miraz, the Telmarine Kingdom became a cruel empire and tried to conquer Narnia until they almost controlled the entire Narnians. The Pevensie brothers took all the weapons left in the wreckage. They join Prince Caspian and try to find Aslan, the figure of the lion ruler of Narnia who is now unknown.

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Even though many believed that Aslan was gone, the youngest Lucy always felt that Aslan was always around them. Meanwhile, Peter, Edmund and Caspian begin to hatch a plan to attack the Telmarine kingdom. With the remaining troops, they attacked at night. The attack failed and made many Narnian victims.

Prince Caspian Movie

Miraz Plan

Miraz, who is vengeful for the attack, plans to go to war with the kingdom of Narnia. Seeing that the forces were unequal, Edmund went to see Miraz and proposed a one-on-one fight. Peter as the King of Narnia stepped forward to fight Lord Miraz as the new king of Telmarine.

When the fight started, Lucy, who still believed that Aslan was still alive, entered the forest alone to find Aslan. On the other hand, Peter almost won the fight. But Peter then handed over his sword to Caspian so that Caspian could kill Miraz who had killed his father.

Even so, Caspian chose to stick his sword into the ground and was reluctant to kill Miraz. But suddenly Lord Miraz’s right hand, Lord Sopespian stabbed Miraz with an arrow. He betrayed because he wanted to seize the throne of Miraz. After Miraz was killed, Sopespian accused the Narnians of shooting him.

Prince Caspian Movie

The big war happened

The Telmarine troops immediately attacked the Narnians. The big war happened. When the Narnians were almost defeated, help from Aslan came. All the trees suddenly moved and attacked the Telmarine troops. The Telmarine troops run towards the river, but Lucy and Aslan are already blocking the river.

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Aslan then exerts his strength to make the river water change shape and devour the Telmarine troops. The Narnians also won. After the war was over, Aslan created a door to another world. Susan, Peter, Edmund, and Lucy entered the door. They returned to the subway station and still dressed in school uniforms.