Hannibal Movie Synopsis, The Return of the Psychopathic Doctor

Hannibal Movie Synopsis – After the success on the big screen, Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s story will be poured in a screen version at AXN. The series titled Hannibal is an adaptation of the famous series of novels by Thomas Harris (Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Hannibal Rising) which will start airing April 9, every Tuesday at 21.00 WIB on AXN.

The Hannibal horror-drama series is a prequel to the life story of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a forensic psychiatrist who is also a cannibal killer. In this screen version, the audience will invited to explore the life and beginnings of the abomination of Dr. Hannibal.

Danish character actor whose face known from the films Casino Royale and Clash of the Titans, Mads Mikkelsen, plays the character Hannibal and English actor Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, an FBI special investigator.

Hannibal Movie Synopsis

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Hannibal Movie Synopsis

Hannibal is a skilled forensic psychiatrist, perfectionist and very detailed. His expertise makes FBI head Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne, CSI) recruit him to help handle a serial murder case, a very extreme type of crime that Will is currently handling.

Will himself has recently reassigned to the homicide department after a hiatus, by teaching at a college. As a criminal profiler, he is very adept at placing himself in the shoes of both the person who committed the crime and the victim. Jack introduces Hannibal to Will and that’s when Will and Hannibal’s friendship and feud begins. Will hunts down the cannibal killer without thinking that the forensic psychiatrist who is in front of his eyes is the cannibal killer he is looking for.

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Hannibal’s script was written by showrunner Brian Fuller (Heroes, Star Trek: Voyager & Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). According to him, the Hannibal series will feature a completely new Hannibal character.

“We wanted to bring the best elements from existing books and write the story of Hannibal in a way that had never seen before. This series focuses on the characters of the two main characters, namely Hannibal and Will,” said the winner of the Emmy Awards in Pushing Daisies. Meanwhile, Mads, who won the Palm Dora award in 2012 as the best actor in The Hunt, admits that he doesn’t want to try to be anyone.

Hannibal Movie Synopsis

Hanibal Movie Reviews

“This series created to tell about Hannibal before people knew him. No one knows who he is or about his true identity. What is certain is that he was a cannibal, a lover of fine art, a lover of food, literature and music. He’s a perfectionist and sees Will as a unique character just like he saw him when he was young,” he explained. Oscar-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins congratulated Mads on the character he has played.

“The key is, when you play a madman like him, then you have to play the opposite character. Be a completely sane person. Play the role like an ordinary person and don’t try to turn him into a devil,” he said.

About this series Hugh said, “This story takes place before the Red Dragon book is published and will highlight more of the psychological side, so it’s not just about killing every week,” said the husband of actress Claire Dannes.

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In addition to the three main actors above, the Hannibal series also stars Gina Torres (Firefly), Laurence Fishburne’s wife in real life, who paired as husband and wife, Caroline Dhavernas (Wonderfalls) as Hannibal’s protégé, Lara Jean Chorostecki (Camelot) as a tabloid reporter, three members of the FBI played by Hettienne Park (Bride Wards, Young Adult), Aaron Abrams (L.A. Complex’s) and Scott Thompson (Kids In The Hall), Chelan Simmon (Won derfalls) and Eddie Izzard.

Hannibal Movie Synopsis

The Real Hannibal Effect

The guest stars are no less interesting, such as the presence of veteran sci-fi actor Lance Henriksen (Aliens), Gillian Anderson (X-Files) as personal psychiatrist Hannibal, Anna Chlumsky (Veep) as Miriam Lass, FBI trainee, and Raul Esparza (Law & Order SVU) as Dr. Frederick Chilton.

Because he likes to cook and eat his victims, and for the sake of presenting the real effect of Hannibal’s food, Brian presents world-class Chef Jose Andres. With his cold hands, Jose taught the artists and crew to cook all kinds of innards (which of course are not human innards) until they are appetizing when served.