Synopsis The Witch Movie: Part 1 The Subversion (2018)

Synopsis The Witch Movie – Fleeing from an assassination attempt, Ja Yoon found by a husband and wife who own a cattle farm. She grew up like a smart, diligent and devoted teenage girl. However, Ja Yoon often gets headaches that are severe enough that, according to the doctor’s verdict, he will not live long.

Between her frail body, who would have thought that Ja Yoon had a secret. In his body there is a great power, the result of brain engineering, which makes him a monster. Played by Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Sik, the film The Witch: Part 1 the Subversion (2018) is a recommendation to watch. Want to know the excitement first? Take a peek at the Synopsis The Witch Movie.

Synopsis The Witch Movie

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Synopsis The Witch Movie

A little girl seen running away from a mass murder in a mysterious laboratory by a woman and some of her followers. The woman in question is Dr. Baek (Jo Min Su). One boy who had run away with him was recaptured by Mr. Choi (Park Hee Soon), still in a plot with Dr. Fine.

The girl was found by a husband and wife owner of a cattle farm in their fairly large yard. After treated by doctors, he declared to have lost his memory because his head seriously injured. Mr. Goo (Choi Jung Woo) and Mrs. Goo (Oh Mi Hee) decided to take care of Goo Ja Yoon, the girl’s name. Ten years later, Ja Yoon grows into a beautiful teenager who diligently helps take care of Mr. Goo’s farm.

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Mr Goo’s farm business is in dire straits due to low meat prices. Ja Yoon has to secretly go into debt to get feed for his cows. While taking a shower, on the back of the shoulder it seen that there some kind of code implanted under her skin, a moment later the girl had a severe headache.

The next day Ja Yoon went to school with Do Myung Hee (Go Min Si). The two of them looked familiar and teased each other by uncovering each other’s secrets. Myung Hee knew that his friend was having financial difficulties, so he told Ja Yoon to join a singing talent competition called Star Birth. The prize he got was so big that he saved his father’s cattle farm and cured his mother’s illness. Ja Yoon manages to escape to Seoul and appear on TV.

Synopsis The Witch Movie

Some people are stalking Ja Yoon’s house

That night Ja Yoon again felt a great headache. Without him noticing several people stalking his house from a distance. The next day Ja Yoon accompanied by Myung Hee left for Seoul. On the train, a young man (Choi Woo Shik) who sits in front of him laughs at the behavior of the two teenagers. He claims to know Ja Yoon but Ja Yoon doesn’t.

However, the young man insisted that Ja Yoon knew him. He then did something strange to convince himself that the girl was really Ja Yoon. Ja Yoon’s eyes suddenly filled with tears and his body seemed to freeze. Myung Hee excited to see his friend treated like that, a moment later the young man who called Ja Yoon as the Witch left them with suspicious looks and smiles.

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Ja Yoon appears on television which turns out to witnessed by Dr. Baek and Mr. Choi. Both of them immediately realized that Ja Yoon was a little girl who managed to escape several years ago. During the announcement, Ja Yoon managed to get the highest score and advance to the next round.

When he was about to go home, Ja Yoon again felt a headache. He then remembered the words of the doctor who examined him. According to the doctor, Ja Yoon must dealt with immediately otherwise he will only last up to three months.

Synopsis The Witch Movie

The doctor told Ja Yoon to look for his parents

The doctor also told Ja Yoon to look for his biological parents so that he could have a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible because only then could he survive. Once outside the building, someone claiming to be from the agency asked for time to talk to Ja Yoon. Luckily Myung Hee immediately got a taxi and immediately ran away with Ja Yoon.

Arriving at their town and waiting for the bus, Myung Hee suddenly has the urge to pee. He left Ja Yoon alone by the side of the road. Soon a car filled with youths on the train was already in front of him.

The man said things about Mr. and Mrs. Goo that made Ja Yoon panic and run towards the house. Police officer Do Kyung Jang (Kim Byeong Ok), Myung Hee’s father, reprimands the young man who parked the car in Mr. Goo’s yard.

A moment later Ja Yoon and Myung Hee arrived at the house but found no one but an empty police car. In a different place, Dean Go (Kwon Tae Won), a genetics researcher, is surprised to see his laboratory on. He found that all of his family members had died at the hands of the young man’s entourage. His life and that of the driver were also finished. Who are they?