The Family that Preyss Cast and Summary

The Family that Preyss – The best friend of a lady, who belongs to a different socioeconomic class, teaches her how to handle opportunistic in-laws and how to enjoy life to the fullest. Playing the primary role of Alice Pratt, a diner owner, is Alfre Woodard. The rich Charlotte Cartwright, played by Kathy Bates, is a close friend of hers. The Cartwright family is the owner of one of Georgia’s biggest construction companies, with its headquarters in Atlanta. William, played by Cole Hauser, is the company’s CEO. Charlotte was unable to throw William a lavish wedding since he and his bride Jillian (KaDee Strickland) eloped. Because of this, Charlotte is delighted to officiate at Alice’s (Sanaa Lathan) daughter Andrea’s lavish southern-style wedding.

Andrea lands a lucrative position working with William at the Cartwright Construction Company. Andrea makes a lot of money since she also has an affair with William. Taraji P. Henson’s character, Pam, weds Tyler Perry’s character, Ben. Pam puts in a lot of effort at Alice’s Diner with her mom while also watching Andrea’s kids. Pam is furious with Andrea since she doesn’t do anything to support her mother despite having a lot of money. Ben and Chris want to launch a construction company. This notion is foolish, in Andrea’s opinion.

The Family that Preyss

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The Family that Preyss: Bank rejects Chris Request

The bank rejects Chris’ request for a loan when he makes it. He learns that his wife never informed him about a bank account with more than $300,000 in it. She claims that Chris cannot have any of the money when he confronts her about it and that she received it as job incentives from William.

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William hatches a covert plan to usurp his mother’s authority over the business. To secure a business worth more than $500 million, the corporation needs to put up $25 million. Charlotte must sell some of her holdings if she wants to raise the money. Charlotte appoints Robin Givens’s Abby as her new Chief Operating Officer to serve as her advisor. William explains to Abby that his vote plus Charlotte’s would still constitute a majority even if Charlotte sells part of her shares. Abby advises Charlotte to proceed with the share sale in order to acquire the necessary funds for the larger transaction.

The Family that Preyss: Allice and Charlotte take a Road Trip

To live a bit, Alice and Charlotte take a road trip in a baby blue Cadillac. Charlotte brings Alice out with male strippers to pubs and clubs. Charlotte is baptized by Alice in order to be born anew. Late at night, confused, Alice finds Charlotte fumbling with her camera. She has Alzheimer’s disease, according to Charlotte, and will eventually lose all memory. Returning to Atlanta, they. Abby, the new COO, and Jillian learn about the relationship between William and Andrea when they are both working at the construction firm.

William fires Chris and Ben for looking for investments to launch their own construction company. Abby fires Andrea, and Jillian warns her to keep away from her husband at the same time. Without Andrea’s knowledge, Chris uses her private funds to launch his new construction company. Andrea becomes enraged. She admits to Chris that she is having an affair with William and that they will be together. She desires Chris to depart. Chris is concerned about how it would impact his child and is startled that she wants a divorce. Chris hears Andrea say that he is not the father. She claims that William is the boy’s father.

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The Family that Preyss

Jillian informs Charlotte about William

Jillian informs Charlotte about William’s covert scheme to seize control of the business from Charlotte in an effort to get revenge on her husband for cheating on her. Charlotte calls a special board meeting and dismisses her son since she has the proxy for enough votes to continue to hold the majority of the corporation. To everyone’s amazement, Alice owns the investor Calvary Company, which is where the votes come from.

Based on the counsel of diner patron Nick Blanchett (played by Sebastien Siegel), Alice has been making investments in the Cartwright company for many years. She has gradually built up a substantial position in the company. William unjustly dismissed Nick from the Cartwright company many years ago. Soon later, Nick’s wife passed away. Nick lost his children and ended up on the streets. Nick ultimately exacts revenge on William by helping Alice acquire a share in the Cartwright firm over a long period of time. In the parking lot, Andrea and William cross paths.

The Family that Preyss

The Family that Preyss: William abruptly ends relationship

William’s termination is a mystery to Andrea. She believes William will wed her, get rid of Jillian, and assist her in raising their kid. She is shocked when William abruptly ends their relationship and abandons her in the parking lot as he drives away.

Charlotte decides to end her life rather than let Alzheimer’s slowly take her. Andrea and Chris divorce. With the infant, Andrea moved into a little flat. Andrea suffers from being destitute while Chris and Ben prosper in their new construction firm and become affluent. Nick has enough money from his profitable ventures to purchase a home of his own and leave the streets. Remembering Charlotte’s advise to enjoy life to the fullest rather than merely plodding along only existing, Alice sells her cafe and embarks on another road trip in the baby blue Cadillac that Charlotte had left for her.