Synopsis of the Saddest Korean Film: Complete Wedding Dress

Synopsis Wedding Dress – South Korean films do have a variety of stories that seem endless. One of the interesting South Korean films is Wedding Dress. This Wedding Dress themed family drama which aired on January 14, 2010.

This Wedding Dress, produced by Road Picture, features senior South Korean actors and actresses, namely Song Yoon-ah, Kim Hyang-Gi, Kim Myeong-Gook, Jeon Mi-Seon, Kim Yeo-Jin, Kim Ye-Ryeong, and Lee Ki- Woo as an actor in this film.

This film is a family drama genre which tells the story of the love of a mother and her child until the end of her life.

Synopsis Wedding Dress

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Synopsis Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress tells the story of Seo Go-Eun who is the single parent for her daughter Sora who is only 9 years old. Go Eun is a wedding dress designer and single mother for Sora. Go Eun takes care of her daughter alone after her husband died, but because of her work, Go Eun is rarely at home and Sora spends most of her time at her aunt Ji-hye’s house.

Synopsis Wedding Dress

However, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Go Eun suddenly changed to pay more attention to Sora and tried to spend time with her child. She tries to be a good mother, starting from diligently meeting Sora at school, learning to cook, taking Sora on trips and designing the final wedding dress for So Ra.

Go Eun’s family did not know about the disease she was suffering from. Because Go Eun was trying to hide her illness. Jang Sora herself suffers from COD (obsessive compulsive disorder), which makes this child not want to share food and drink with her friends, this is what makes Jang Sora ostracized by her friends at school.

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Synopsis Wedding Dress

Sora finds out about her mother’s illness

However, as time went by, Sora found out about the illness her mother was suffering from. After that So-ra tried to fulfill her mother’s wishes. He started studying ballet and tried to make up with his friends.

Sora always looks so tough because he pretends not to know about his mother’s illness. Likewise, her mother, Go Eun, thought about keeping her illness a secret. Both try to fulfill each other’s requests.

For the full story, you have to watch this film because this film manages to stir up emotions, so that we will unconsciously drift into the storyline.