Army of the Dead Synopsis, Review, and Cast

Army of the Dead. Are you looking for entertainment to unwind after a long day of activities? There is a film that was jus t released on May 14, 2021, called Army of the Dead. This film is perfect for those who like horror stories, especially those with zombies. Really excited? Make sure you prepare your heart first before watching it!

Horror movies are addicting. Even though we’re afraid, we really want to join in the fun of watching. Army of the Dead can be said to be a kind of sequel to his directorial debut work because it is the spiritual successor of the first film. Instead of being curious, let’s look at various important pieces of information about the Army of the Dead below.

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Actor and director of Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead, directed by Zack Snyder He was quite successful when he debuted with Dawn of the Dead in 2004. Because of that, he returned to making zombie-themed films inspired by his first work. Army of the Dead has been an announced project since 2007 and was originally a Warner Bros. production. Pictures.

Initially, Army of the Dead will be directed by another director, namely Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. But this project took years until Netflix acquired its distribution rights in 2019. Zack Snyder spent US$70–90 million in capital for its production. It was shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Atlantic City, and New Jersey.

The first shooting took place in mid-2019. But in September 2020, the crew had to do several reshoots. After years of trouble, the film crew was again in trouble after one of the actors, Chris D’Elia, ran into legal trouble. Finally, D’Elia was replaced with Notaro with the help of CGI and a green screen.

army of the dead

Who are the actors who took part in this zombie film? Some of them are:

1. Dave Bautista

For those who like American wrestling, surely you are already familiar with this actor. Yes, Dave Bautista is a former professional wrestler whose famous name used to be Batista. In Army of the Dead, David plays the protagonist named Scott Ward.

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2. Ella Purnell

She plays Kate Ward, Scott’s daughter who works in a quarantine camp. Like most fathers’ instincts to want to protect their children, Scott didn’t take Kate to Las Vegas. But Kate is trying hard to catch up with her father.

3. Omari Hardwick

He played Vanderohe, Scott Ward’s partner who was invited to join Las Vegas. Apart from being an active actor, Hardwick is also a rapper, poet, producer, and podcaster. He is known for his role in Starz’s Power.

army of the dead

Synopsis: Army of the Dead

The story begins when a United States military convoy from Area 51 collides with a car on the freeway outside Las Vegas. Inside the cargo of the military convoy, there are zombies! Due to an accident, the zombie escapes, kills, and infects several soldiers before finally heading to the city center. There, surely the zombies infected even more people.

The government had intervened militarily but failed. Finally, the city of Las Vegas was forced to quarantine. Fast forward six years, and a casino owner named Bly Tanaka and his partner Martin approach Scott Ward. Scott is a former resident of Las Vegas. They offered Scott $200 million in their casino before Las Vegas was nuked!

Even though it’s really dangerous and there’s a chance they won’t get out of Las Vegas alive, Scott accepts this job. He also recruited former partners Maria Cruz and Vanderohe, helicopter pilot Marianne Peters, German safecracker Ludwig Dieter, and Chicano sniper Mikey Guzman.

There are some interesting facts about this film that are really important for you to know. Among them are:

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1. There is a heartwarming family story.

In Army of the Dead, it turns out that it’s not just about avoiding and fighting zombies. There is also a touching family story. The main character, Scott Ward, has to leave his son, Kate Ward, who works in a quarantine camp. Kate, who later finds out that her father is going to Las Vegas, tries to catch up and join the team that her father has formed.

2. Zombies have levels in Army of the Dead.

Uniquely, in this film, there are levels of zombies. In other films, we usually only know one type of zombie, namely one that has no common sense. The zombies only chased and were moved by their instincts and the blood. But in Army of the Dead, there are clever zombies!

The smart zombie in this film is known as Alpha. Alpha zombies can think and even communicate with humans. They are willing to provide a secret safe passage to Las Vegas, provided a human provides another human to be the victim.

army of the dead

3. Zack Snyder didn’t want to be the director at first.

Although the initial idea for this film was created by Zack Snyder, he had no intention of directing Army of the Dead. In 2008, ad director and visual artist Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. was chosen as the director. But until 2012, there was no significant development. It is unclear when the director’s position will finally be replaced. But it is estimated that since being taken over by Netflix in 2019,

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4. Had moved production houses

From the start, Army of the Dead was planned to be produced by Warner Bros. Pictures. But the story continues to grow, while Warner Bros. Pictures has strict rules about the budget. The production of this film was intended to be taken up by Legendary Entertainment, but it failed. It was only later in 2019 that Netflix acquired the distribution rights.

5. Netflix Willing to give more capital

According to director Zack Snyder, Netflix provides more freedom in terms of creativity and, of course, capital. With a capital of $90 million from Netflix, Snyder claims he can make more exciting and epic films! Because the previous script was written by a director with a different budget, Snyder rewrote the script. He collaborated with Shay Hatten.